Ok, Doomer, by William Schryver

Russia’s inferiority complex may come to an end after its war with Ukraine. From William Schryver at metatronink.substack.com:

Legendary Russian fatalism may be alive and well, but it will be ashamed of its doubts in the end.

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

– Seneca

I have struggled in vain for almost a year now to comprehend the frequently expressed fears of potential defeat from a great many Russian observers of this war – as though they are constantly haunted by a sense that inevitable humiliation is lurking in the shadows just ahead, and they’d best prepare themselves accordingly.

The abundantly manifest facts of the ongoing NATO proxy war against Russia, as I have been able to ascertain them, are that Ukraine has now suffered approximately five hundred thousand irretrievable casualties and virtually the entirety of their original inventories of military hardware – the equivalent of ALL the personnel and equipment (both active and reserves) with which they commenced this conflict.

Their military strength was partially reconstituted over the summer of 2022, infused with the best equipment NATO could spare, but which, in both quantity and quality, is simply no longer capable of being replenished.

In addition to this substantial infusion of NATO armaments, several thousand “sheep-dipped” NATO soldiers appeared on the battlefield, mostly in the form of shock troops and technical specialists to operate and maintain the more complex systems such as M-777 howitzers and HIMARS rocket artillery.

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One response to “Ok, Doomer, by William Schryver

  1. Inferiority? They beat the war machines of Hitler and Napoleon while learning new tricks and tips from both.
    The Germans had the cauldron Kesselschlacht first and no one does a berserk artillery barrage like the Russians.
    Yes, generals mud and winter and the Rasputitsa get the credit when it is due.


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