C02 “Plumes” and Contrails…. , by Eric Peters

They outlaw the beneficial and douse us with poison. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The same people who insisted that “masks” would prevent the emitting of viral material – even from people who weren’t sick – also insist that high-voltage electric batteries powering high-output electric motors will prevent the emitting of carbon dioxide.

As if that were necessary.

An inconvenient but central truth about “masks” is that they are made of material that is porous to viral material, which is so minuscule in size it easily passes through the gauzy fabric and certainly bypasses the devices entirely by escaping via the sides. This can be demonstrated by observing smoke exhaled by a person wearing a “mask.” And, of course, the whole exercise is based on a false premise – that of perpetual contagiousness.

An inconvenient but central truth about carbon dioxide is there’s very little of it. So little it is probably true more of it would be a boon rather than a bane, if – as we are told – more carbon dioxide in the air will warm up the planet a bit.

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