swedish birthrate data: november update, by el gato malo

There is strong evidence that Covid vaccines are knocking down birth rates in Sweden. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

sweden’s birth rate data remains severely suppressed in a fashion unprecedented in the 25 years of data to which i have access. double digit percentage drops in natality constitute a severe demographic issue and one might think that such a jarring outcome might be eliciting widespread and urgent curiosity as to cause. yet oddly, it is not. i fear this may have to do with what looks to be the most plausible culprit. once more it would seem that health agencies are failing to look for that which they would be horrified to find.

some base priors here:

  1. correlation is not causality. these associations are not and cannot be positive proof. but they can certainly be cause for suspicion and alarm.
  2. such suspicion is greatly bolstered by strong, independent, and a priori reasons to suspect fertility effects from covid vaccines as they are known to collect in testes and ovaries and the ability of mRNA drugs to trigger ongoing auto-immune issues is well known.
  3. we have specific clinical studies that show not only sharp suppression in sperm total motile counts post covid vaccination, but that appear to show that something on the order of 20% of subjects are not recovering from this and may be experiencing near total loss of motility. effects on eggs and ovaries seem less well studied (itself a somewhat puzzling outcome) but could be similar or perhaps worse as eggs, once damaged, are gone and do not regenerate.

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