A Russian Victory in Ukraine Won’t End the War, by Mike Whitney

The U.S. will do whatever it takes to maintain its unipolar hegemony. That’s why some of us worry about nuclear war. From Mike Whitney at unz.com:

Behind Washington’s desperate appeal for tanks and other lethal weaponry for Ukraine, looms the nagging prospect that Russia’s winter offensive may have already begun in the south where heavy fighting has broken out along the Line of Contact in the Zaporizhia region. While the information from the front remains sketchy, some analysts think that Russia is planning to send its troops and armored units northward in order to block vital supply-lines and trap Ukrainian forces in the east. A Russian blitz northward would likely be synchronized with the movement of a second large grouping pushing south along the Oskil River. These two dagger-like thrusts would be accompanied by multiple missile strikes aimed at strategic bridges and railway-lines crossing the Dnieper River. If the Russians were able to succeed in such an operation, the bulk of Ukraine’s army would be effectively encircled in the east while Moscow would have regained control over most of its traditional territories. The offensive might not end the war, but it would end Ukraine’s existence as a viable, contiguous state. This is an excerpt from an article at Aljazeera:

Moscow’s forces are pushing towards two towns in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhia region, where fighting intensified this week after several months of a stagnant front… Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-installed official in the region, said offensive actions were concentrated around two towns: Orikhiv, around 50km (30 miles) south of Ukrainian-controlled regional capital Zaporizhzhia, and Hulyaipole, further east….

The Russian army later claimed for a second day in a row that it had taken “more advantageous lines and positions” after “offensive operations” in the Zaporizhia region…. In its daily report on Sunday, the Ukrainian army said “more than 15 settlements were affected by artillery fire” in Zaporizhia…. He also said this week that fighting has “sharply increased” in the southern region.” (“Russia advances towards two towns in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region”, AlJazeera)

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One response to “A Russian Victory in Ukraine Won’t End the War, by Mike Whitney

  1. Get us the hell out of the weapons business. Unless NATO is directly threatened, why are we provoking a war none of us want? Russia and Ukraine are both corrupt and have been fighting over that region for centuries. What’s in Ukraine that’s so damn important to the US? Are Joe and Hunter being blackmailed or worse, are they doing this for the money? One has to ask after what we already know about the Biden family syndicate. Also, I don’t think Russia has or had a right to invade and it’s not their first rodeo.

    So why did the west allow Russia and Putin to get this far in the first place? After his invasion into Georgia there should have been a much higher penalty for such an act of over boarder aggression. It was treated as a bump in the road. The west went on to allow Russian aggression to continue to the present. And what’s up with encroaching on the Russian boarder with new NATO member states? We made commitments at the time the wall fell, that NATO would refrain from encroaching on Russia’s boarders.

    Check the NATO maps from 1991 to present and tell me we haven’t broken our agreement. I never heard a word about any of this until Russia finally protested the continued encroachment. How would AMERICA feel about China and Company parking their ass on the south side of our own boarder? This whole thing stinks and I think the US Gov. is playing us all for fools. Oh Happy Day!


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