musings on the militarization of covid, by el gato malo

The military was heavily involved with the Covid response across the globe. From el gato malo at

when (and why) did respiratory viruses become national security?

a lot of very strange things seem to have happened in the west around covid and covid response.

not only did we take every piece of evidence-based epidemic guideline that had stood in place for 100 years and toss it out the window, but we then immediately adopted its diametric opposite as “proven policy” and recklessly imposed it in draconian fashion as though his was somehow “the science™.”

public panic was pursued as pandemic policy and response rammed down throats as trumped up moral imperative backed by increasingly overt threats and mandates.

dissidents were vilified and silenced. disagreement was disparaged and drowned under demagoguery.

the party line was as relentless and uncriticizable as it was lacking in foundation.

it felt like we were under attack.

it was not so much public health as war and as the fog clears we can increasingly see why: because this was done by soldiers.

this trend was astonishingly endemic. a few examples:

the UK

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One response to “musings on the militarization of covid, by el gato malo

  1. The classic aggregator (not Sludge) said it was DOD developed one year ago.
    A bro tells me about a photo of Barry Soetoro, Gill Bates and Fraudci at Wuhan but I haven’ seen it.
    Welly, welly, well, just found it from 2015 and it is the ex-wifey and not eugenicist megalomaniac Gill Bates!


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