End the War, You Idiots! By Declan Hayes

Proponents of the U.S.’s proxy war in Ukraine were certainly idiots. It’s past time to end it. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

NATO should stop their Pontius Pilate hand-wringing about sending their upgraded Tiger tanks to Ukraine’s wrecking yards as they are damned whether they throw good tanks after bad, or if they do not. The best NATO can do is to form a line of defense stretching from the brothels of Romania in the south up through Poland’s and onwards to the pimple states of the Baltic and the big mouthed women leaders of Sweden and Finland. Ukraine, like Vietnam and Afghanistan before it, is a lost cause. NATO should end this war by packing its bags, going home and allowing Zelensky’s thugs await their fate on their own.

The Americans can send their Bradleys, the British their Challenger tanks, the French their Leclercs and the Germans their Leopards. Russia will destroy all of them and all crews unfortunate enough to man them. If Hitler’s Tigers could not stop the Russian tide, nor will they.

Though the British can boast to their hearts’ content about their invincible Challengers, those British wunderwaffe weapons will break down and need repair when they reach Ukraine’s killing fields. That is assuming Russia does not send them to Hades before they first see action. Showcasing your wunderwaffe weapons in Ukraine is one thing. Prevailing, as the Wehrmacht discovered, is another.

No plan, the legendary German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke declared in his 1871 ‘Ueber Strategy’ On Strategy essay, survives its first contact with the enemy. This will certainly be the case with NATO’s Tigers, which will fare as poorly as the Wehrmacht’s tanks did at Stalingrad and at Kursk, history’s biggest ever tank battle, when von Manstein, von Kluge and some of the Reich’s other great commanders faced Zhukov, Popov and their endless columns of T34s, which were more suited to Ukraine’s terrain than were the Reich’s wunderwaffe tanks, the Challengers, Leopards, Bradleys and Leclercs of their day.

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