are covid vaccines coding for that they claim to? (and was this willfully ignored?) by el gato malo

Are people getting the human version of the deadly mad cow disease from the vaccines? From el gato malo at

impure thoughts on synthetic spike proteins: moving the safety goalposts (part 2)

Part 1

there are some extremely worrying reports emerging of new forms of what appear to be prion based neurodegenerative disease that rapidly manifest post covid vaccination.

you do NOT want a prion disease. it’s a result of misfolded proteins and in cases like CJD universally fatal. per mayo clinic, it’s extremely rare affecting 1-2 people per million per year. that makes this clustering and timing look extremely unusual.

(note: i’m not sure why they are describing CJD as taking decades to progress as it seems to be more like a 1 year timeframe though that seems to be from diagnosis rather than contraction which would almost never be detected without unusual diagnostics and so may only catch very late state disease)

the first patient here was

and the thing about a prion disease is once you know to look for it, the diagnosis is definitive and because it’s so rare, an uptick in occurrence is a VERY loud signal especially with such extraordinarily tight timing.

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