Dancing With The CBDC Devil, by Good Citizen

If you want to envision what they have in mind for us with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), imagine current China on steroids (China itself is also moving towards current China on steroids). From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.com:

Your Money Is Their Money (Part 2)

The coup de grâce of Klitz Schlub’s World Technocracy Front (WTF!) Great Resent agenda: CBDCs

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

— Henry Kissinger
Nobel Peace Prize-winning War Criminal

In case you missed it: Your Money Is Their Money (Part 1)

Act Three

We are fast approaching the climax of the final act of the U.S. Empire’s global monetary monopoly. The system established at Bretton Woods in 1945 is quickly dissipating and the only people incapable of seeing the obvious trainwreck ahead are the indoctrinated masses of financially illiterate half-wits, and the people in the District of Corruption who those half-wits vote for.

Saudi Arabia is blushing at romantic overtures from the dragon while ignoring Israel and U.S. demands to keep hating Iran. Turkey is dancing with Russia, China, and the Global South while being a thorn in NATO’s southern flank. The largest market by population, India is buying Russian commodities and energy in Rubles.

The Dragon is in the Bear’s den for a visit.

Nobody is answering Dementia Joe’s phone calls.

Every attempt to tear down Russia with over 11,000 trade and economic sanctions has boomeranged back into the faces of the criminals in Brussels, London, and D.C.

There is no banking crisis in Russia. There are no liquidity issues with the Ruble and they are not hyperinflating their currency into the toilet. Russia is also developing a CBDC, so they get no prize for dodging western bullets as just another actor in our global stage play.

The Fed released its second Sunday night press release in a row. The last time they did a Sunday night performance was in March of 2020 as the markets were in freefall over a phony virus planned for a hoax pandemic.

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