Craig Murray: Why Would China Be An Enemy?

China’s an enemy just, just because, that’s why. From Craig Murray from

To react to Beijing’s growing economic power by increasing Western military power is hopeless. It is harder to think of a more stupid example of lashing out in blind anger.

British Prime Minister Rishi Surnak and U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin greeting at the AUKUS bilateral meeting in San Diego, March 13, 2023. (DoD/Chad J. McNeeley)

I am completely at a loss as to why the U.K. should seek to join in with the U.S. in considering China an enemy, and in looking to build up military forces in the Pacific to oppose China.

In what sense are Chinese interests opposed to British interests? I am not sure when I last bought something which wasn’t manufactured in China. To my astonishment that even applies to our second-hand Volvo and it also applies to this laptop.

I have stated this before but it is worth restating:

I cannot readily think of any example in history, of a state which achieved the level of economic dominance China has now achieved, that did not seek to use its economic muscle to finance military acquisition of territory to increase its economic resources. In that respect China is vastly more pacific than the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain or any other formerly prominent power.

Ask yourself this simple question. How many overseas military bases does the U.S. have? And how many overseas military bases does China have? Depending on what you count, the United States has between 750 and 1100 overseas military bases. China has between 6 and 9.

The last military aggression by China was its takeover of Tibet in 1951 and 1959. Since that date, we have seen the United States invade with massive destruction Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. 

The United States has also been involved in sponsoring numerous military coups, including military support to the overthrow of literally dozens of governments, many of them democratically elected. It has destroyed numerous countries by proxy, Libya being the most recent example.

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One response to “Craig Murray: Why Would China Be An Enemy?

  1. Hard Times by Run DMC

    Vassals have no say in the matter.
    China has already checkmated all of them because that is how the land of Sun Tzu rolls.
    Like my engineer bud said, Biden will throw the whole country under the bus just to save his pot of gold.
    Really it is the whole world.


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