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A Respite, by Robert Gore

Today I posted “The Last Gasp.” That’s all I’m going to post today, and I won’t be posting much the next few days. I have an important project on my job that will require most of my time. Even if I didn’t, I’m sick of the coronavirus and the endless newsfeed about it. It’s dominated my postings and I think I’ve put up representative stories from just about every conceivable viewpoint. Lately, however, as I’ve made up mind about the various controversies, most of the stories have either been skeptical of or rejected the dominant narrative. “The Last Gasp” is strongly in that vein and for the time being, it’s all that I want to say on the matter. If I can find some good stories that aren’t about the coronavirus I’ll post them; if not, I won’t. I would urge everybody to read Bill Sardi’s articles on lewrockwell.com for his recommendations on how to bolster one’s immune systems, and I’ll continue to post them.

Update: The above was posted Tuesday, 3/24. Wednesday, 3/25, I posted “Basic Math.” Now I am well and truly done talking about the coronavirus for awhile, and the above message is still valid.