They Said That? 12/26/14

From The Scarlet and the Black, a made for TV movie (1983):

Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty: Colonel, do I get the idea that you’re tryin’ to put a crimp in my social life?

Col. Herbert Kappler: Damn you and damn your social life, priest!

Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer starred in this overlooked gem, which was based on the deadly true-life contest between Vatican Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty and Nazi Colonel Herbert Kappler during World War II, when the Germans occupied Rome. The dialogue is from the most tense and dramatic confrontation in the movie. Definitely not for kids, but teenagers can watch this gripping drama about O’Flaherty’s efforts to protect Allied refugees and Kappler’s desperate and cruel attempts to thwart him. For more on the movie, see the SLL review: Joy, Risk, and Courage.

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