A World Overflowing With Debt, by Simon Kennedy

Not just the US, but the entire planet is borrowing its way to prosperity. SLL has expressed skepticism about the long run efficacy of that policy, repeatedly. From Simon Kennedy, at bloomberg.com:

The world economy is still built on debt.

That’s the warning today from McKinsey & Co.’s research division which estimates that since 2007, the IOUs of governments, companies, households and financial firms in 47 countries has grown by $57 trillion to $199 trillion, a rise equivalent to 17 percentage points of gross domestic product.

While not as big a gain as the 23 point surge in debt witnessed in the seven years before the financial crisis, the new data make a mockery of the hope that the turmoil and subsequent global recession would put the globe on a more sustainable path. Government debt alone has swelled by $25 trillion over the past seven years and developing economies are responsible for almost half of the overall gain.

McKinsey sees little reason to think the trajectory of rising leverage will change any time soon.


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2 responses to “A World Overflowing With Debt, by Simon Kennedy

  1. You know what they say,
    “Everyones your friend until the rents due”
    At some time the markers will be called in and WW3 will probably ensue. What better way to kill off your creditors.


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