He Said That? 3/10/15

From plaintiff “Charlie,” one of nine Iraqi plaintiffs suing the US government,  from The Wall Street Journal, “U.S. Sued by Its Iraqi Helpers,” 3/10/15:

“My life has stopped for years. They don’t refuse  me and don’t approve me.”

In 2008, Congress created a Special Immigrant Visa for those employed by or on behalf of the US government and who faced continuing threats.  Thousands of individuals who had helped the US in Iraq, and their relatives, had been kidnapped, tortured, murdered, or forced into hiding. Charlie applied for the visa in 2011 and is still waiting for a decision. While he waits in the hell of bureaucratic limbo, his life, and his family and friends lives, are in danger. Seems the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project moves very slowly, afraid lest someone makes a mistake and a terrorist is admitted. While some caution may be commendable, four years worth? That’s how long it took for the US to win World War II, back when there was still some competence in the government. How many people and nations that have helped the US through the years ultimately conclude that the only thing worse than being our enemy is being our friend?

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