They Said That? 4/28/15

From the Baltimore Orioles:

After consultation with Major League Baseball and city and local officials, tomorrow’s game between the Orioles and the Chicago White Sox will begin at 2:05 p.m. ET and will be closed to the public.

Another questionable killing of a black man by police, more riots, and more innocent victims caught in the crossfire. The Orioles will move a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays to Florida. The game not open to the public and the ones moved to Florida will cost people who work at Camden Yard Stadium the wages they would have received. There has been the by now requisite looting and burning of various businesses, which in some cases are minority owned and even when not, offer jobs to minorities. As SLL said on another post, about the Ferguson riots:

Time after time in race riots, minority business owners have suffered inordinately from indiscriminate, rampaging violence and destruction, which suggests that for many of the rioters the point is less about racial grievances and more about the rampage.

She Said That?” SLL, 11/25/14

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