She Said That? 7/22/15

From Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman Amy Bartlett:

The (woman) said they knew they were doing something wrong but thought it was OK because other people were nearby. People are getting way too close.

Ms. Bartlett was referring to a woman who was flipped into the air by a bison as she attempted to take a selfie with the even-toed ungulate. Her daughter was standing nearby. Bison can weigh over 3,000 pounds, they are wild animals, and they can be surprisingly fast. (Remember the stampede in “Dances With Wolves”?) Not a beast to which you want to get very close. There are two unfortunate aspects to this story. The first is that woman has reproduced, thus perpetuating her obviously defective genes and subnormal intelligence. The second is that because she is still alive, she will be ineligible for a Darwin award, given to people posthumously who kill themselves in stupid ways. When she leaves Yellowstone, it will noticeably raise the average IQ at the US’s first national park, and that’s including the animals.

2 responses to “She Said That? 7/22/15

  1. But still, she is entitled to “honorable mention” per the below excerpt from the Darwin Awards website.

    “Honorable MentionsThe HONORABLE MENTION is bestowed on survivors of blunders that flabbergast the rest of us. The judges point a finger at certain individuals who are up and coming in the competition to win a Darwin Award. Recent Honorable Mentions are Mr. Magnetron, and Marshmallow Mouth Gator Guy. The opposite of role models, these living legends are here on Earth to serve as a warning to others!”

    The website link for any other interested readers is below. I have been a close observer for some time trying to detect any definite regressive trend. So is this a good thing/not that I possibly share the trait = a DAward follower with SLL?


  2. Absolutely, I love the Darwin awards.


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