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Food: A Love Story Part 1, by Hardscrabble Farmer

Corporate farming strips out the joy of eating and enduring memories of past gastronomic pleasures. From Hardscrabble Farmer at

I’ve been eating food most of my life. I can honestly say that in more than sixty years I have never faced more than a few days without a bite to eat and then as a result of either sickness or injury. As an American it wasn’t something I really gave much thought to. In our home, as a child, the refrigerator and the cabinets were regularly filled, and if we were away from home at meal time we’d find something to eat wherever we were. It was the same for everyone I knew- friends and families, neighbors and classmates.

Sometimes I ate communally, in school and then the military, sometimes alone, but food itself, throughout that span of time was ubiquitous and affordable. I was unaware, except for a few exceptions like fishing and gardening done by my family, where all that food came from beyond the shelves of the grocery store. It wasn’t until we bought the farm when our children were young that we came to understand everything that went into the production and effort required to fill them up. The skills that were needed daily took years for us to learn, and the outputs depended upon far more than our efforts alone.

It is my opinion that what we have been doing these past years is something that is going to become far more common in the years ahead, like it or not. As the purchasing power of fiat currencies fall and the cost of fuel continues to rise, the realization will slowly begin to dawn those counted on the good times to continue forever, that perhaps they were mistaken. We are by the standards of the modern American Agricultural Industry, a non-entity. We raise poultry, sheep, hogs and cattle.

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‘Gaslighting’ Is the Word of the Year for Good Reason, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Did you know there’s a word of the year? From Jeffrey A. Tucker at The Epoch Times via

Every year Merriam-Webster picks a word to capture the culture of a moment in time. The choice is based on the frequency and quantity of search as well as the departure from the norm. This year the choice seems perfect: gaslighting. It’s drawn from the 1944 film noir starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman.

Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman in “Gaslight” (1944). (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.)

The term means to be subjected to extended psychological trickery to cause the victim to question his or own reality. In the film, Boyer plays a handsome stranger who meets the beautiful heiress Bergman on a foreign journey and they fall in love. He convinces her to marry and move back together to London to her family home, whereby he embarks upon a subtle campaign to convince her she is bonkers while he secretly searches the home for legacy jewels he intends to steal.

It’s painful to watch but the experience connects with our own as we watch mainstream media, see respectable scientists canceled for supposedly spreading disinformation, or when we watch a White House press conference. They try to convince us that they are normal and we are the crazy ones, probably guilty of wrongthink or not aware of the full facts. The more they insist on their version of truth, the more we are invited to see ourselves as nuts for failing to give them all the benefit of our doubt.

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The Middle Class Delenda Est. Part IV, by Bill Bonner

Middle class common sense is vastly preferable to upper class “brilliance.” From Bill Bonner at

(Source: Getty Images)

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Baltimore, Maryland…

“Look both ways before crossing the street.”

The common man lives with ghosts. They are the ghosts of parents whose children didn’t look both ways.

They whisper the lessons of the dead:

Don’t spend more than you earn.

Say please and thank you.

Mind your own business.

Never eat yellow snow.

The difference between the common man and the elite is that the former believes in following rules; the latter believes it can make them up as it goes along.

We have been exploring a grim subject – the destruction of the middle class. So far, we’ve seen that the elites use inflation like a thief uses a crowbar – to get what belongs to someone else.

It’s not exactly ‘intentional.’ A wolf does not eat a lamb with malice aforethought; that’s just the way it works. Inflation wrecks the economy and ‘The People’ who depend on it. So much the better, say the elites; they prefer the poor, who are more easily manipulated…and their votes more cheaply bought.

But there’s more to it than just money. The ruling class has ideas… programs… campaigns. ‘Middle class values’ often get in the way.

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What Is Left of My Country? By Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is not just looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. By virtually every objective measure the good old days really were the good old better-than-today days. From Roberts at

I write often of the West’s disapproval of itself and its remaking in a Woke image that rejects Western civilization and  insists on the deracination of the white ethnicities that created the civilization.  When a civilization loses its belief in itself, or that belief is intentionally destroyed by poisonous ideas, and its defining values are lost, the civilization  disappears.  Geographically the land still exists, and there are people on it, but they are a different people.

When perversity is normalized and given the moral high ground while normality becomes a target, and when Make America Great Again patriots are labeled “domestic extremists” and “white supremacists,” we know that the United States of America has one foot in the grave.

Patriotism is being redefined. The New Patriotism targets those whose patriotism is based in respect for the Constitution and love of freedom.  The New Patriotism is based in the 1619 Project and hatred of America for its alleged racist past. The New Patriots regard the values of the old patriots as values that serve white supremacy and need to be overthrown.

It is difficult to do anything about it. Even mathematics is said to be a racist tool for the suppression of people of color. Those who want a restoration of our traditional values–MAGA Americans–have been demonized and made targets for the FBI, Homeland Security, and prosecutors, and have been stripped of free speech and association.  Six hundred of them are in prison because attending a rally in support of President Trump has been turned into an insurrection against democracy.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Thinnest Veneer Of Civilization Remains

Civilization rests on basic philosophies and behaviors, which can’t be taken for granted. The failure of those philosophies and behaviors can and has taken down civilizations. From Victor Davis Hanson at The Epoch Times via

Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life…

To be able to eat, to move about, to have shelter, to be free from state or tribal coercion, to be secure abroad, and safe at home—only that allows cultures to be freed from the daily drudgery of mere survival.

Civilization alone permits humans to pursue sophisticated scientific research, the arts, and the finer aspects of culture.

So, the great achievement of Western civilization—consensual government, individual freedom, rationalism in partnership with religious belief, free market economics, and constant self-critique and audit—was to liberate people from daily worry over state violence, random crime, famine, and an often-unforgiving nature.

But so often the resulting leisure and affluence instead deluded arrogant Western societies into thinking that modern man no longer needed to worry about the fruits of civilization he took to be his elemental birthright.

As a result, the once prosperous Greek city-state, Roman Empire, Renaissance republics, and European democracies of the 1930s imploded—as civilization went headlong in reverse.

We in the modern Western world are now facing just such a crisis.

We talk grandly about the globalized Great Reset. We blindly accept the faddish New Green Deal. We virtue signal about defunding the police. We merely shrug at open borders. And we brag about banning fertilizers and pesticides, outlawing the internal combustion engine, and discounting Armageddon in the nuclear age—as if on autopilot we have already reached utopia.

But meanwhile Westerners are systematically destroying the very elements of our civilization that permitted such fantasies in the first place.

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“Drag Race”, by Eric Peters

They’re trying to turn children into freaks. It’s time to start drawing some lines. From Eric Peters at

Remember when a drag race involved cars, not freaks?

And when car companies just built cars?

Today, we have Out With Chevy – which wasn’t about the latest Chevy. And – just recently – Models of Pride – the “world’s largest free conference of LGBTQ+ youth and their allies” – sponsored in part by a car company – Toyota – which reportedly gifts more than $100,000 annually to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which put on the freak show.

One of them on show being Dew Mi Moore – a “drag performer” who goes from zero to freak in less than six seconds. Also present was Mayhem Miller, who told the kids brought there by their parents, “When I was young, we didn’t have anything like this. . .” Probably because parents didn’t used to bring their kids to “drag races.”

“You are going to change our future . . .”

No doubt.

The event also included a workshop instructing kids about the “first steps” they can take toward becoming freaks themselves.

Strong language? Necessarily so.

The same language that’s necessary to use when speaking of Face Diapers rather than “masks” – and the freaks pushing those, too.

The time for forbearance is past because it is no longer appropriate.

For much too long, decent people have shied away from confronting freaks when freaks confront them. When Leftists – honest language, because that’s what we’re talking about here – confront them. Whether it’s a “drag race” or a Face Diaper, it is never a matter of an individual doing what seems to be right for himself, by himself. It is always Leftists trying to shove what they think is right down everyone else’s throat. Down every kid’s throat, too.

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Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, and the Global Culture War, by Boyd Cathey

Not everyone wants to be “woke.” From Boyd Cathey at

While in America we tear down monuments to Robert E. Lee, in Russia they tear down monuments to Lenin
The war in Ukraine is not really about Ukraine—it is not about Ukraine’s sacrosanct borders which have been supposedly violated by Russia. And it is most certainly not about the vaunted “defense of democracy,” as we constantly hear screamed in our ears by the media and by a broad panoply of American (and European) political and cultural leaders, from Nancy Pelosi to Lindsey Graham to Boris Johnson.

None of those rationales, none of those justifications for the fanatical involvement by the United States, its puppets in NATO, and the EU, explain why the conflict in that remote part of the world is so vitally important globally that it literally has the entirety of the “woke” American Left and the great majority of Republicans, in tow, literally standing on their chairs and desks to frantically applaud such charlatans as former X-rated comedian and authoritarian Volodymyr Zelensky (and his wife) as “champions of freedom and democracy.” The specter of Graham and Pelosi outdoing each other in the bellicosity of their rants against President Putin and Russia is only a little less sickening than their lascivious ideological embrace of each other.

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To Take Back Our Culture We Need To Build Our Own Media Army, by Brandon Smith

Culture reflects values and American culture has been captured by values most of us despise. It doesn’t have to be that way—check Great Books by Robert Gore! in the right-handed column, particularly The Golden Pinnacle—but we can’t expect any support and only opposition from the present cultural infrastructure. From Brandon Smith at

I have been writing about the concept of decentralization since around 2006, well before the threat of the woke takeover and the culture war became obvious. The idea is a rather simple one (most ideas that work are simple):

If the corrupt system does not or will not provide what the public needs or wants then the public should provide those necessities for themselves. If they are successful then the system has two choices – It can fade away quietly as the decentralized economy takes over, or, it can try and STOP the public from building their own production using force. If the system uses force, then it exposes its true nature as authoritarian and it encourages rebellion. One way or another, the corrupt system will be eliminated.

We have already seen this with the alternative media over the past decade. When I started my first website (Neithercorp) 16 years ago, there were very few of us out there presenting the truth to the public and the mainstream media was still very much in control of the narrative. Today there is an endless array of alternative news websites and YouTube channels and the MSM is utterly dying (except maybe Fox News). Their audience numbers are crumbling while our audience numbers are rising. We are winning the news war because we offer something they don’t – The facts.

The alternative media has proven that decentralization can and does work, but there are many other areas of our culture which have not been decentralized in the slightest. Most popular media is still well under the control of people that espouse extreme cultural Marxism and globalism. Woke ideology is a communist-like movement and such movements spend a lot of time and energy seeking to disrupt the foundational culture of a nation. They do this because once the old culture is in ruins they can then introduce their own aberrant and tyrannical culture in its place. They are culture killers, and they do this deliberately because it is a methodology for gaining power.

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Craig Murray: The Film About Julian Assange

If you like movies about heroes, this one’s for you. From Craig Murray at

Ithaka is a heart-rending film that offers an important rebuttal to more than a decade of propaganda aimed at dehumanizing the WikiLeaks publisher.

Away from the Tory Babel over who will be the top “world-leading” sociopath, I just spent two evenings in the company of decent people. John and Gabriel Shipton, Julian’s father and brother, were in Glasgow and Edinburgh for the screening of Ithaka, the documentary that follows the fight by Julian Assange’s family to have him freed. I was moderating the Q & A.

The odd pub may also have been visited.

Ithaka is heart-rending, and it has an important message in rehumanizing Julian after over a decade of concerted (I use that word advisedly) propaganda aimed at dehumanizing him.

[Related: WATCH: CN Live! — ‘The Assange Family Struggle’]

The sheer baseness of the extraordinary lies told by the mainstream media about his personal hygiene — leaving toilets unflushed and even smearing Embassy walls with excrement — is something straight out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook.

The cold calculation behind Assange’s treatment in his last months in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, when he was denied access to wash and shave, in order to produce the apparent monster for the photos of his arrest, is a true example of evil unfolding.

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The Archbishop has been one of the few religious figures who has addressed these issues, because of course religious figures are supposed to avoid controversy. From Robert W. Malone MD, MS, at

A seasoned Vatican diplomat warns the world about globalism and the COVIDcrisis narrative

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. He also previously served as Secretary-General of the Governorate of the Vatican City State from 2009 to 2011. He is notable for his role in bringing to light scandals and corruption within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and in the world, especially in revealing the wide-spread cover-up of the abuses of Theodore McCarrick.



YOUR EXCELLENCY, after the psycho-pandemic, we now have the Russian- Ukrainian crisis. Are we in “phase two” of one single project, or can we now consider the Covid farce to be over and concern ourselves with the increase in energy prices?

If in the last two years we had been faced with a true pandemic, caused by a deadly virus for which no other cures existed except for a vaccine, we would be able to think that the emergency was not intended. But this is not what happened: the SARS-CoV-2 virus is nothing but a seasonal flu that could have been cured with existing treatments and effective prevention based on strengthening immune defenses. The prohibition of treatment, the discrediting of the effectiveness of drugs that have been in use for decades, the decision to hospitalize the elderly who became sick in nursing homes and the imposition of an experimental gene treatment that has been demonstrated not only to be ineffective but also harmful and often fatal – all this confirms for us that the pandemic has been planned and managed with the purpose of creating the greatest damage possible. This is a fact that has been established and confirmed by the official data, despite the systematic falsification of that same data.

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