Unmasking ISIS, by Washington’s Blog

This is a very good, comprehensive examination of the US government’s involvement with ISIS, and its policies in the Middle East. It is long, but invaluable, with a plethora of links. From washingtonsblog.com:


Where did ISIS come from? How was it able to gain land, arms and money so quickly?

This book will answer those questions … and unmask ISIS.

Part 1 shows that the U.S. – through bad policies and stupid choices – is largely responsible for the rise of ISIS.

Part 2 reveals the strange history of the leaders of ISIS … Including one who never really existed, and another who – if you read mainstream media drivel – was killed … then arrested … and then killed again.

Part 3 delves into the little-known, secret history of Iraq and Syria … and discusses the real motivations behind our current policies towards those countries.

And Part 4 reveals the shocking truth about who is really supporting ISIS.

So grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to learn the real story.

To continue reading: Unmasking ISIS

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