People Who Like to Boss Other People, by Eric Peters

From Eric Peters, via a guest post on

People who like to tell other people what to do (aka, Clovers) are an interesting study.

Well, they’re odd at any rate.

Perhaps disjointed is the better word.

They will, for example, talk sententiously about “choice”… provided it’s a choice they approve of, such as abortion. Or forcing people to associate.

But only with certain people.

You know – the people they demand others associate with.

Ask them about whether you (an already born actual human being) have the right to choose whether to buckle up for safety. Or buy an air bag. See what sort of response you get.

I’ve written before about the way they deny all of us the right to choose the type of car that meets our needs and wants rather than what they insist we need and must have. We are not allowed, for example, to buy serviceable, inexpensive A to B transportation like the Renault Kwid (see here for more about that) that sells for less than $5,000 brand-new in Asia and India, or even the very high-mileage diesel-powered cars available in Western European countries such as Germany – because the people who like to tell others what to do (and buy) cannot abide such freely made choices.

It is why America is coming unglued.

There is next-to-nothing in this world more enraging than to be micromanaged by other people – usually personally very unappealing people (Hillary Clinton, for instance; but also George Bush and – lately – America’s take on Mussolini, Donald Trump) who believe they know better than you do how to live your life. And are determined to tell you.

Orwell might have titled his book, Big Bully.

Only, plural.

In a democracy, we are bullied by… everyone. There is no leaving you alone – but no specific individual such as a King or a fuhrer to hate. Well, there are (see above in re Hillary, et al) but in a democracy, they are fungible. Whack-a-mole. Get rid of one, another pops up. It’s not really them that’s the problem.

It’s everyone around you. The neighbor, the guy down the road. They will not leave you alone.

Not personally, perhaps. That would take some courage. Few of these people who enjoy bossing other people would have the guts to try bossing anyone on their own. So, they vote for an Il Duce (Trump) or a frigid termagant (you know who) to do it for them.

But there used to be limits. And so, it was tolerable. You were still able, more or less, to do what you liked. You went to work, did your thing. The people who like to boss were a presence, but not an omnipresence.

There is now no limit to their presence in our lives. The dam has broken.

The sphere of free action available to use continues to grow smaller with each passing year – with each passed law.

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