They Said That? 10/28/15

From Speaker of the House John Boehner, referring to an agreement on the budget and the debt ceiling:

Sometimes, the clock works against you, sometimes the clock works in your favor. In a town that isn’t known for a lot of bipartisanship, you’re going to see bricks flying from those that don’t like the fact that there’s a bipartisan agreement. But there is. It’s a solid agreement.

SLL lets fly a brick: this is the oldest “bipartisan” trick in the book. Democrats wanted more domestic spending, Republicans wanted more defense, they met in the middle and gave themselves both. The sequester caps that had been the only brake on Washington’s spending and which had been “temporarily” raised in 2013 were “temporarily” raised another two years, which means the sequester is for all intents and purposes history.

From Representative Jim Jordan, (R. Ohio):

Another last-minute, back-room spending deal by the White House and congressional leaders that busts the budget caps and allows unlimited debt for the next 18 months. No wonder so many Americans distrust Congress.

No wonder indeed! But as SLL recently noted, “The Fix Is In,” and establishment,  “bipartisan” Washington has closed ranks and is fully behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In a follow-on piece, “The Empire Strikes Back,” SLL noted that Paul Ryan had agreed to be the next Speaker of the House, and asked: “Can a debt ceiling agreement be far behind?” The Empire will do what it has to do to stay in power. If that means coming together against interlopers Trump, Carson, and Sanders, then so be it.

Quotes are from The Wall Street Journal, “Budget Deal Stirs Anger On The Right,” 10/28/15.

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