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Minsk, Moscow & The Moral Olympics, by Declan Hayes

If only there were a gold medal for hypocrisy. From Declan Hayes at

Lofty ideals that were an integral part of the ancient Olympics and that underwrite the founding of the modern Olympic games are not for NATO.

In assessing NATO’s ongoing efforts to terrorise Russian and Belarusian athletes, we must include Minsk sparrows, Muscovite goalkeepers, Nazi paratroopers, African Americans and many more in our calculus to make sense of this latest bout of naked NATO fascism.

Let’s start with the late POTUS Nixon, who had the singular honour of welcoming the Soviet Olympic gymnasts, Olga Korbut, the Minx Sparrow included, to the White House. Those young Russian and Belarusian women revolutionised gymnastics and, though the pint-sized Korbut was far from their best performer, she stole the hearts of the world, mine and POTUS Nixon’s included because of her demeanour in both victory and defeat. Not only that but Nixon made the critical point that whatever political and other differences existed between the Soviet and NATO political elites, those differences had nothing to do with young athletes like Korbut (or Valieva), whose waking hours are necessarily dedicated to finessing their chosen craft.

Korbut’s gravity-defying stunts on the uneven bars entranced the world, as did her tears when she lost the gold medal through basic mistakes that form part of the grit of such high octane contests. The importance of Korbut’s tears is they were replicated by figure skater Kamila Valieva, when an unprecedented bout of bullying by the BBC and other thuggish NATO outlets caused the young Russian teenager to slip up at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In one of a number of such stupid propaganda whoppers, NATO wants us to believe that Korbut’s trainers consoled their young athlete, whereas Valieva’s attacked their own young prodigy.

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What is “Government”? By Eric Peters

Government does that for which it has no right and prevents that for which its people have every right. From Eric Peters at

Government takes many forms (monarchy, democracy, etc.) but they all come down to the same thing:

Other people you’d rather not have anything to do with.

Except that unlike ordinary people you’d rather have nothing to do with – and so don’t – government people have the power to make sure you cannot avoid having to deal with them. They are thus the enemies of society, which is people coming together freely to deal with one another in ways mutually agreeable, according to rules rather than laws.

Society is organic, natural. It arises in the form of marriages and families, friendships and similar arrangements, which are entered into voluntarily and can be left voluntarily as well. It is not perfect, of course. But it is free of the element of coercion – the threat of physical violence as the mechanism to compel association when you’d rather not – that makes government worse than imperfect.

Society is a form of contract that differs from government’s idea of contract – which is that you are bound by something you never agreed to, which manifest as laws you are required to obey and which you will be punished for if you do not, even if your only offense is that you did not obey the law (irrespective of any harm caused). In society, there are rules that people follow as a matter of course, as in the home of a friend you are visiting. Part of the reason you’re in your friend’s home being your unforced willingness to abide by “house rules” within his home.

If you choose not to abide by them, the only sanction is loss of your friend’s society – which is usually punishment enough to prevent such “offenses” from happening.

Or at least, recurring.

Arguably, a critical mistake made by those who attempted to “limit” government – as via the Bill of Rights that was incorporated into the American Constitution by men such as George Mason of Virginia, who were hugely doubtful that the Constitution would limit the power of the federal government it created – was to not include as a foundational expression of rights the inalienable right to freely associate.

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Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus, by Dr. Mike Yeadon

If there never was a virus, it amplifies the guilt of the guilty parties by at lease one order of magnitude. From Dr. Mike Yeadon at

I’VE grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death. Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.

This raises the question of why there is such an emphasis on the media storm around Fauci, Wuhan and a possible lab escape. After all, the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media. There’s no independent journalism at present. It is not as though they need to embarrass the establishment.  I put it to readers that they’ve chosen to do so.

So who do I mean by ‘they’ and ‘the perpetrators?  There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and their many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern.

But that doesn’t answer the question why are they focusing on the genesis of the virus. In my view, they are doing their darnedest to make sure you regard this event exactly as they want you to. Specifically, that there was a novel virus.

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Carbon War ‘Net Zero’ Would Starve Half the Planet, Experts Say, by Gerald Celente

Remember when the idealists wanted to feed the world? Now they want to kill it. From Gerald Celente at

That victory Dutch farmers just won in provincial elections might have saved the world

NOTE TO READERS: The following is one of the dozens of articles found in last week’s issue of The Trends Journal. Consider subscribing here for in-depth, independent geopolitical and socioeconomic trends and trend forecasts that you won’t find anywhere else.

That victory Dutch farmers just won in provincial elections might literally save the world.

After massive demonstrations against government targeting of nitrogen fertilizers to fulfill a UN zero carbon agenda, the BBB (BoerBurgerBeweging or “Farmer-Citizen Movement”) party picked up a significant bloc of senate seats.

It was a major rejection of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s environmental policies, as Reuters reported in “Dutch farmers’ protest party scores big election win, shaking up Senate.”

According to a final tally reported by Eva Vlaardingerbroek on 19 March, the number of seats gained was 17, more than enough to turn back environmental directives that would destroy the Dutch farming sector. 

But the significance is far greater than just farmer livelihoods in the Netherlands.

Nitrogen fertilizers are crucial to sustaining the world’s food supply, and banning their use as part of “net-zero” carbon goals could literally starve half the world.

That’s the warning of a new report called “Challenging ‘Net Zero’ with Science,” compiled by two longtime pre-eminent climates scientists, William Happer, Professor of Physics, Emeritus, of Princeton University, and Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science, Emeritus, of MIT.

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The EU’s censorship regime is about to go global, by Norman Lewis

Big Tech has climbed into bed with the EU to kill the last vestiges of free speech in Europe. It may spread to the rest of the world. From Norman Lewis at

The authoritarian Digital Services Act means the death of free speech online.

The EU’s censorship regime is about to go global

Not many people know that 16 November 2022 was the day that freedom of speech died on the internet. This was the day the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) came into law. Under the DSA, very large online platforms (VLOPs) with more than 45million monthly active users – like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – will have to swiftly remove illegal content, hate speech and so-called disinformation from their platforms. Or they will face fines of up to six per cent of their annual global revenue. Larger platforms must be DSA compliant by this summer, while smaller platforms will be obliged to tackle this content from 2024 onwards.

The ramifications of this are immense. Not only will the DSA now enforce the regulation of content on the internet for the first time, but it is also set to become a global standard, not just a European one.

In recent years, the EU has largely realised its ambition to become a global regulatory superpower. The EU can dictate how any company worldwide must behave if it wants to operate in Europe, the world’s second-largest market. As a result, its strict regulatory standards often end up being adopted worldwide by both firms and other regulators, in what is known as the ‘Brussels effect’. Take the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a privacy law which came into force in May 2018. Among many other things, it requires individuals to give explicit consent before their data can be processed. These EU regulations have since become the global standard, and the same could now happen for the DSA.

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Daniel Ellsberg Calling on Us to Stop Nuclear War, by Marjorie Cohn

A man who’s done what Daniel Ellsberg has done deserves our attention, especially since he’s apparently not going to be around much longer. From Marjorie Cohn at

Daniel Ellsberg at a protest against the Iraq war in San Francisco, where he was arrested. (Steve Rhodes/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The legendary Daniel Ellsberg has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In a March 1 email to friends, Dan wrote, “I’m sorry to report to you that my doctors have given me three to six months to live … it might be more, or less.” He will turn 92 on April 7.

Dan displayed uncommon courage in 1971 when he publicized the 7,000-page top-secret Pentagon Papers while working at the Rand Corporation. As a consultant to the Department of Defense, Dan drafted Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s plans for nuclear war.

In his book, Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, Dan wrote that the Pentagon Papers exposed the “secrets five presidents had withheld and the lies they told” about U.S. decision-making in Vietnam“This truth telling set in motion a train of events, including criminal White House efforts to silence or incapacitate me.” The government’s illegal efforts to silence Dan resulted in the dismissal of the charges against him and his codefendant Anthony Russo. “Much more important,” Dan noted, “these particular Oval Office crimes helped topple the president, an act that was crucial to ending the war.”

In 2014, Dan gave a keynote speech at the 45th reunion of the Stanford Anti-Vietnam War movement. At the reunion, he explained how the United States came dangerously close to using nuclear weapons during the Vietnam War. In 1965, the Joint Chiefs recommended to President Lyndon B. Johnson that U.S. forces hit targets up to the Chinese border. Dan thought their real aim was to provoke China into responding and then the U.S. would cross into China and demolish the communists with nuclear weapons.

Now, Dan is urging the world to again avoid nuclear annihilation.

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CIA Democrats (and Republicans!), by Etienne de la Boetie2

The next new political party: the CIA party. From Etienne de la Boetie2 at

Are the organized crime intelligence agencies installing politicians in the US?

This is the 2nd article in a series syndicating content from the 5th edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! – How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government,” Media and Academia. You can download a printable, faxable and e-mailable version with references/links in PDF from: The Liberator here:

Unfortunately, when many people think of the CIA, the first thing that comes to mind is Tom Cruise saving the world in Mission Impossible. The reality of the CIA is much darker and more aptly represented as a Murder Inc. organized crime ring where agency personnel have been involved in obviously criminal activity, including overthrowing “democratically elected governments” in Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1960), Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964) and Chile (1973).

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Why Are Conservatives So Stupid? By A.J. Smuskiewicz

The big problem with the January 6 “insurrection” was that it wasn’t an insurrection. From A.J. Smuskiewicz at

So, the past few years of America’s dark descent have come down to this? After the manufactured hysteria and authoritarian power grabs of COVID, after the fraudulent presidential election of 2020, amid the continuing persecution of hundreds of January 6 protestors, and amid the continuing censorship, warmongering, political and financial corruption, racial and gender obsessions, and ubiquitous, insidious cultural rot that have wrecked the American family, society, standard of living, democratic system, and global reputation—after all that, now we reportedly are going to have the bogus, politically motivated arrest of a populist former president of the United States that the leftist, globalist, corporatist establishment despises? Even if Trump’s arrest does not happen, the mere serious consideration of it by a real-criminal-coddling left-wing black DA is bad enough.

What does all this mean? From my perspective as a lower-middle-class, old, straight, white guy who longs for the lost, freer times of the 1970s, it means that the United States of America is now just about as dead as George Washington’s corpse. The U.S. Constitution is gone, flushed down the toilet and decaying in some stinking sewer, never again to see the light of day. The world-renowned political, economic, and cultural capitals of American decadence—in Washington, New York, and Hollywood—are extraordinarily happy, because they have decisively achieved victory!

This is what we have come to, in my estimation. And while the leftists and—very inappropriately named—“liberals” have been carefully, methodically, strategically, deviously, and intelligently orchestrating all of these dastardly and destructive deeds—beginning many decades ago—the self-proclaimed, so-called “conservatives,” “libertarians,” “patriots,” and “freedom lovers” have watched it unfold in front of their eyes and stupidly and compliantly allowed it all to happen. Why?

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What Political Movement Will Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure Spark? By Athan Koutsiouroumbas

Maybe a private money movement–get the government out of money entirely. From Athan Koutsiouroumbas at

In bucolic Indiana, Pennsylvania, residents have started an “It’s a Wonderful Life Festival.”

The town’s Christmas celebration commemorates both favorite son Jimmy Stewart, who starred in the iconic movie, and the story’s message of redemption and hope.

In the film, a bank run threatens to devastate an affordable-housing business run by George Bailey, Stewart’s character. The Great Depression has come to Bedford Falls. With over 9,000 banks failing during that period, bank runs were common.

For nearly 100 years since that fictional Beaver Falls bank run, the federal government has insured bank depositors for the purpose of stopping bank runs, which have historically triggered economic depressions. That decision was part of a sweeping political movement in response to the financial crisis of the 1930s: the New Deal.

Could a political movement arise from the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank, which collapsed in mere hours? That question may be best answered by looking to the distant past.

In what came to be known as the “Bank War,” President Andrew Jackson made it his mission to dismantle the U.S. National Bank, which many blamed for triggering the Panic of 1819. Elected in 1828, just forty years after George Washington was inaugurated, the nation’s first populist president consolidated a political base against federal overreach. He succeeded by stopping the bank from being rechartered.

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Deficit Hawk Hypocrites and Warmongers Unite, Apparently Hoping to Start WWIII, by Mike “Mish” Shedlock

In Washington, politicians of seemingly disparate views always unite around a common theme: spending money. From Mike “Mish” Shedlock at

The WSJ wants to send long-range missiles to Ukraine, Lindsey Graham discusses WWIII, and Republicans want defense spending to rise 5 percent more than inflation.

Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses WWIII

The WSJ editorial board says the best response Russian drones is to Send Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine.

The Pentagon on Thursday released footage of a Russian fighter jet that harassed, dumped fuel on and then collided this week with an American reconnaissance drone. The provocation warrants a U.S. response, and the right one is giving the Ukrainians the sophisticated and long-range weapons they need to defeat Vladimir Putin’s military.

President Biden now has more reason to do what he could have done long ago: Give Ukraine the weapons needed to win. Priority No. 1 is the Army tactical missile system, which would allow strikes deeper into Russian positions in Ukraine to gain momentum on the ground.

Question One: Oh, I suppose Russia will sit back and let that happen in its backyard just like the US allowed Russian missiles in Cuba. Right?

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