The 10th Inning, by Karl Denninger

From Karl Denninger, on a guest post at

Last night was quite-amusing. I met a friend for a brewski and managed to get home in time to catch nearly all of it.

You have to sit back with amazement at the complicity of the media in going along with whatever political winds certain parts of a party wish to unfurl their sails into. In this case it was “Rubio and Cruz attack Trump” night, an agenda that those two candidates declared but the moderators did not have to oblige, ignoring (for the most part) Kascich and Carson while giving all the questions to the other three.

They did, however, so-oblige, which simply underlines that these are not “debates” at all.

A debate, my friends, is not driven by the agendas of the participants. The moderator(s) are supposed to be neutral parties and debates are conducted under fairly-specific and formal sets of rules — something that never happens in the political sphere, but if you ever actually participated in the scholarly version of a debate you know how they work.

The result was that Kascich and Carson might as well not have showed up; they were really just ornaments on the stage. Maybe that’s appropriate given their poll numbers and maybe not, but if you’re going to do that then don’t invite them at all, instead of pretending that they’re participants. I suppose there was some value there in that Carson refused to defend his participation, and if you can’t do that then what are you doing on the national stage? Kascish at least tried. In short it’s time for Ben Carson to go home; he simply never had the stomach for either the fight or the job, and while both were obvious from the outset there’s a point at which it becomes painful to watch. We’re there.

Kascich is being beaten, badly, and will probably lose Ohio. At that point he’s done and will probably mortally wound himself as a governor too. Good; he has it coming.

Now on to Rubio, Cruz and Trump.

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One response to “The 10th Inning, by Karl Denninger

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Kasich? Been here in “Buckeye Land” for quite a while–roads, bridges, infa are like Berlin 1945. Schools out-of-control. Jobs? Great if you like flippin’ burgers or greetin’ at WallyWorld. Crime? Just say everyone I know has their CCW and then some. Race relations? worst I’ve seen in seven decades. GOV here at the local and state level is “BBB,” Bloated-Beyond-Belief. 1,000s of local/state gov workers sucking at the trough of six figure fiefdoms who consider taxpayers as impudent PITA, who have the audacity to ask for help.

    …oh, and Johnny K. was the “Managing Director” for Lehman Bros. here in Columbus; does THAT tell ‘ya something, eh?


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