In Alien vs. Predator, I’m for Predator, Because He’s OUR Predator, by David P. Goldman

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A mainstream Republican with seemingly mainstream Republican values embraces Donald Trump. From David P. Goldman at

A fit of high dudgeon has gripped many of my Republican friends, ex-friends, and soon-to-be-ex-friends now that Donald Trump has all but won the Republican nomination. My advice to them: get over it. This presidential race will look like Alien vs. Predator. I’m for Predator, without a second’s hesitation, because he’s our Predator. For all his faults Donald Trump would be (and I’m confident will be) an incomparably better president.

I’m not pleased about the outcome of the primaries. I supported Ted Cruz and helped out in his campaign with economic research and news analysis. Yes, Trump is a vulgarian with poor impulse control. I don’t like him and find his vulgarity objectionable and his insulting remarks about Mexicans (for example) deplorable. The mother of my children is Mexican, and I take this sort of thing personally. If I ever have the opportunity I will give Trump a black eye.

But there’s a war on–three different wars, in fact. To remain neutral is moral cowardice; to choose the wrong side would be downright wicked.

First, there is a war on between Judeo-Christian principles and the political correctness inspired by the Frankfurt School and the French existentialists. Lunatics have seized control of our universities and have stamped out dissent with the zeal and vigilance of the Spanish Inquisition or the Taliban. The distinguished historian Paul Johnson said it best in a Forbes essay:

America has been a land of unrestricted comment on anything–until recently. Now the U.S. has been inundated with PC inquisitors, and PC poison is spreading worldwide in the Anglo zone. For these reasons it’s good news that Donald Trump is doing so well in the American political primaries. He is vulgar, abusive, nasty, rude, boorish and outrageous. He is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for themselves again.
If the foxes haven’t yet seized control of the hen-house, they are running the hatchery. With the universities in the hands of the American Taliban, we can’t educate a new generation of Americans. Trump is a bitter antidote, but as Johnson argues, he may be the antidote we need. One might add that he’s the antidote we deserve.

Second, there is a war on between civilization and barbarism. Hillary Clinton says that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. That’s partly her liberal ideology, partly a kowtow to the Arab donors who gave the Clinton Foundation $40 million. Hillary, in short, sells her virtue for both fun and profit. Donald Trump cut through the Gordian Knot of political correctness by proposing a temporary ban on ALL Muslim immigration into the United States, which an absolute majority of Americans supports. After some stumbles about acting as a neutral intermediary between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, Trump has come down unambiguously on the side of Israel, supporting continued construction in the Judea and Samaria settlements (and that’s the acid test). It’s not just that Trump has a daughter who is a serious and observant convert to Judaism, and that he is surrounded by pro-Israeli advisers: he instinctively despises sniveling, backstabbing losers and likes tough, smart and determined winners.

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One response to “In Alien vs. Predator, I’m for Predator, Because He’s OUR Predator, by David P. Goldman

  1. So your wife married a gringo, many of whom are rapists and drug sellers, also many gringos are thieves, some of them do far worse to the most innocent among us, the children. Many of them though, are good people……Do you find anything objectionable about that description of whites? I don’t either. I’m white and the truth is the truth. But to PC pantywaists like you, when “mexican” is inserted instead of white, you get all bent out of shape. Give yourself a black eye, you just showed your complete hypocrisy, bleh. Trump was right. Get over yourself.


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