Seven Shocking Things That You Almost Certainly Didn’t Know, by Paul Rosenberg

One reason SLL posts articles by Paul Rosenberg is his core belief that people do pretty well for themselves when they’re left alone, when they’re free to cooperate with other people when they so choose. It’s a belief SLL shares. Another reason SLL posts his articles is because they’re usually interesting. From Rosenberg at

“You need to tell people about all the interesting things in your subscription letter,” one of my oldest friends told me. “We do,” I said. “We list them on the site and we even have a free report to get them started.”

“Not enough,” she replied curtly. “Do more.”

So, today I’ll take my friend’s advice and explain seven things that simply aren’t taught, that simply are true, and that make a huge difference in how we view the world. I won’t be able to go into detail like I do in the monthly letters of course, but I think I can give you the crux of them fairly well. Here we go:

#1: The “Dark Ages” were a liberation.

Forget Monty Python and the Holy Grail (and let’s be honest, probably half of us got our “Dark Ages” images from it); actual life after Rome was a tremendous release. The great tyranny collapsed and dissolved, agricultural production rose, average lifestyles improved, new technologies came into use, fine crafts continued and often improved, and even literature thrived. (Yes it did, and we have proof!)

Opportunities swung open to non-elite people (the 99% that history books ignore), and there was almost no one forbidding anything. If you wanted to take an empty field, work it, and build a small castle, you could probably do it… and a shocking number of people did!

Wars were not only tiny, but they were generally limited to the aristocracy. Unless you wanted to be involved with war, you were probably left quite alone. (Compare that to 20th century Europe!) We devoted two full issues to this, including lots of original-source historical material. It’s true.

#2: Christian Europe, alone among major civilizations, killed the ancient evil of slavery.

What you were taught in school was misleading, and what you weren’t taught was nearly criminal. The statement above is true, and in the subscription letter, we covered it carefully. There is no doubt about it, European Christians killed the massive slavery they inherited from Rome, and they killed it for moral reasons. That these people are given no credit for their triumph is a horrific wrong.

#3: The most profitable business on Earth, by far, is government.

We’ve crunched the numbers from several eras, and the verdict is clear: No other business model comes close; nothing rakes in money like a government. The numbers were so large, however, that we needed a method of proof – some way to double-check them. And we found one, by comparing them to the tributes that warlords were able to extract from frightened governments. In the end, the statement stands confirmed: Government is, by far, the biggest and most profitable business on the planet, and always has been.

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6 responses to “Seven Shocking Things That You Almost Certainly Didn’t Know, by Paul Rosenberg

  1. Well Robert, while I await the arrival of your “Pinnacle” I will have this article to keep my mind in motion! WOW I am impressed with this post! Oh, and thank you for once again for reminding me just how Libertarian I am despite of my own denial 😉


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