Video of the Day – Clinton Campaign Manager Refuses to Answer Questions on Pneumonia Timeline, by Michael Krieger

It’s often not the original deed but the subsequent cover-up that proves the perpetrators’ undoing. That’s how it may play out with Hillary Clinton’s near face plant off the curb at the 9/11 ceremony. From Michael Krieger at

The strangest thing about today for me has been the complete lack of transparency from the Clinton campaign following yesterday’s extremely disturbing and bizarre events.

Hillary Clinton collapsing into the arms of secret service as she was shoved into a van was unquestionably the most significant moment of the entire campaign season thus far. As such, you’d think her people would hold a press conference providing very detailed specifics about the pneumonia diagnosis and, most importantly, why it was hidden from the public.

None of that happened, which makes the whole thing even shadier than it already was.

As The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook repeatedly dodged questions about whether he and other top campaign officials knew that the Democratic nominee had been diagnosed with pneumonia before she fell ill in public over the weekend.

Way to make people feel better about the whole thing.

In an interview with MSNBC on Monday, anchor Kate Snow asked Mook five times if he knew about the diagnosis, which the Clinton campaign made public Sunday only after video surfaced of her stumbling and needing assistance getting into a van.

“I’m not going to get into details about who knew her medical information,” Mook said on Snow’s third run through the question. “But she made a determination with her doctor that she’d power through this. She didn’t want it to affect anything and obviously this on Sunday, when she got overheated, it was clear she needed some downtime.”

Snow followed up twice more, noting that as campaign manager, Mook is responsible for Clinton’s schedule. The Democratic nominee has cancelled a planned Monday/Tuesday West Coast swing for fundraisers and speeches as she recuperates at home in New York.

The Clinton campaign has been criticized for its handling of information about the nominee’s illness.
Last week, the campaign sought to shame journalists for reporting on her coughing fit at a campaign event.

And after Clinton left the 9/11 memorial early on Sunday and video emerged of her becoming wobbly on the street, it took 90 minutes for the campaign to release a statement saying she had “overheated” and retreated to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.

Campaign officials say she never lost consciousness, and insist that she was alert and continued working on the drive to Chelsea’s apartment. They say that once she got there, she hydrated and played with her grandchildren.

Yeah I’m sure she was working in the car ride to Chelsea’s. She literally looked like a corpse going in. This strategy of layering lie, upon lie, upon lie is certainly not a good one.

Meanwhile, Tim Kaine also refuses any semblance of transparency. As The Washington Post reports:

DAYTON, Ohio — Tim Kaine, the running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, declined to say Monday when he first learned of Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis but said that the pair had not talked about her health for nearly a week prior to Sunday’s commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York.

Why is everyone on team Hillary trying to conceal as much as possible when the public obviously deserves detailed information?

To continue reading (and for the video): Video of the Day – Clinton Campaign Manager Refuses to Answer Questions on Pneumonia Timeline

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