Banning Refugees From Countries America Destroyed Is Wrong, by Lucy Steigerwald

Now, the reason grounded in morality why the US must accept refugees from the nations which President Trump has just imposed a 120-day moratorium. One question: was there a refugee problem from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen before the US or its allies started making war there? The only country in which the answer is arguably yes would be Iran, the one country that the US and its allies have not made war (although the US aided Iraq in its gruesome war against Iran). After the Islamic overthrow of the Shah, a US puppet, in 1979, there was a surge of immigration from Iran. Jimmy Carter essentially banned Iranian refugees from entering the US. The US had no immigration problems from the other six nations until after it got militarily involved in those nations. That is the answer to the question often asked: why should the US take any refugees from these nations? Because we helped mess them up. If we want to slow refugee flows from the Middle East, we should quit creating refugees and  get out of their countries. From Lucy Steigerwald at

President Donald Trump has been busy during his first week. The speed of his executive orders, and the confidence with which he has signed plans to build a wall, and to replace ObamaCare with… something else has been shocking, considering how shellshocked he looked when he actually won. Trump also followed through on his campaign promises – or threats, if you prefer – to ban refugees from nations “of particular concern,” if his apparent draft executive order is to be believed.

Which nations are included in that list? Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Let’s see, the US played both sides in Syria, helped it destabilize, bombed it; they completely took over Iraq, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands; they helped stage a coup in Iran, not to mention helped Iraq use chemical weapons on its soldiers and shot down one of its passenger planes in the 1980s; the US invaded Libya and overthrew its leader; and it sent drones to Somalia and Sudan, while bombing a pharmaceutical plant in the latter for good measure. Yemen it has also sent drones to, and its buddy Saudi Arabia is currently bombing and starving their population.

There is not a nation on that list that the US doesn’t owe something to. But because people are terrified of terrorism, now, now is the time to say sorry, but we’re closed, huddled masses. We’re all filled up, and we’re starting that isolationist thing now – not by removing all troops from abroad, or stopping drone strikes, but by saying we can’t trust the people from the countries we broke.

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One response to “Banning Refugees From Countries America Destroyed Is Wrong, by Lucy Steigerwald

  1. Trump is a businessman – not a politician. Hence, he jumps right into the work instead of heading to the links. The only people surprised are the idiots who thought he would follow the lead of the last few puppets.


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