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No Continent for Young Men, by Steve Sailer

Africa’s young men are emigrating, mostly to Europe, en masse. From Steve Sailor at

The death last Friday of Robert Mugabe, the big man of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2017, is a reminder of the paradox that Africa, the most youthful continent, tends to be ruled by the old.

When Mugabe was finally overthrown two years ago at age 93, he was 75 years older than the median Zimbabwean, who is 18.

Grotesque as he was, Mugabe was not an anomaly: Broadly speaking, sub-Saharan Africa tends toward gerontocratic cultures in which men are deemed to deserve to accumulate power, money, and wives by outliving their rivals.

It’s no continent for young men.

Why Africa is so biased against the young is uncertain. One theory is that in a region besieged by diseases such as malaria, the sexiest attribute in a husband is a strong immune system, which is most convincingly demonstrated by not dying.

In any case, this leaves Africa an unappealing place for young men, of which, however, the continent is lavishly supplied.

Not surprisingly, African young men sometimes run amok, such as the Boko Haram militia in the Sahel that kidnaps schoolgirls.

Increasingly, the young men of Africa are leaving for Europe and North America.

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California Off the Rails, State a Disaster Zone, by Joe Guzzardi

California is turning into a third-world country and its leading politicians are deeply concerned about…plastic straws. From Joe Guzzardi at

When former California Gov. Jerry Brown announced his ill-conceived, ill-fated high-speed train that no one wanted, and no one ever thought would be completed, he unwittingly sent the message that the once Golden State would soon be spiraling into disaster. Before current Gov. Gavin Newsom killed the train, California had squandered $5 billion on the boondoggle, and cost projections soared billions more from the original estimate. New York Times’ analysts pegged the train’s final total at a staggering $100 billion.

Brown envisioned himself as a forward-thinking leader who would secure California’s self-proclaimed position as the nation’s preeminent cutting-edge state. Brown put California on the cutting-edge, all right, but of catastrophe.

Consider a short list of what California has become since the bullet train flop. California, a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, has cemented its position as the nation’s inequality leader, with disparities between rich and poor greater than those in Mexico and Guatemala. Speaking of poverty, California is also America’s capital in that sad category. According to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, California outstrips states traditionally associated with acute poverty – Mississippi, West Virginia and New Mexico.

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The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil on Fox: US regime change policy fuels migration crisis

Regime changes have consequences! Who knew?

Public Charge Rule is Pro-Immigrant, Pro-America, by Joe Guzzardi

It would seem noncontroversial that you’d want to exclude people from immigrating who will have to be supported by existing citizens, but  even that proposition is now politically incorrect. From Joe Guzzardi at

No sooner had the Trump administration announced its intention to impose a new rule that will deny public benefits like food stamps and Medicaid to some legal immigrants, then 13 lawsuit trigger-happy states filed action against the Department of Homeland Security. Immigrants who are likely to rely on welfare benefits for their survival are generally referred to as public charges.

In their complaints, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington agreed in principle that the new rule would reverse a decades-old policy of granting affirmative benefits to immigrants, would violate the Immigration and Nationality Act, and is “arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who said her office also would sue, struck an emotional note when she said that eliminating benefits to new permanent residents is “un-American, anti-immigrant, and unlawful…”

But contrary to critics’ high-pitched objections, according to Section 212(a)(4) of the INA, any individual seeking admission to the United States, or applying for a Green Card, is ineligible if s/he is likely to become a “public charge.” But, the guidelines have been ignored for decades and throughout Republican and Democratic administrations. Public charge first appeared on the scene in 1645, when Public charge before AmericaMassachusetts was still a British colony, and European governments paid for their poorest residents to migrate to America. The legislation reflected colonists’ belief that residents were obligated to care for themselves.

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Racism in America, by Jayant Bhandari

If America is so racist, why does it still attract so many immigrants from around the world? From Jayant Bhandari at

According to the American media it seems that America stops people from entering the country, puts refugees in concentration camps, and that racism and sexism runs rife among the police, in university admissions, and in corporate hiring.

According to Ilhan Omar, one of the emerging members of the US Congress, the most crime-prone people in the US are of European origin. She wants them to be profiled and monitored. Ironically, her parents, instead of moving to a Muslim country or another African country, chose to move to America. And no doubt I can hardly think of anyone from South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent who given a chance would not move to America.

People move to America because they get more opportunities, and feel more respected. You don’t have to bribe the policeman. Color of your skin, your sex, your religion, etc. are at least not the officially stated reasons why opportunities would be denied. Courts are reasonably fair and your private property reasonably safe.

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The Road to Hell Is Paved with Virtue-Signaling, by Charles Hugh Smith

It is indeed far easier to signal one’s virtue than it is to be virtuous. From Charles Hugh Smith at

The idea that everything will be solved if we borrow a couple more trillion and give it away is the dominant paradigm.

Here in the decay phase of Imperial Pretensions, The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. It’s a line from Yeats’ poem The Second Coming, and it speaks to our current stumbling descent toward the abyss, where the worst invest their energies in virtue-signaling and the best retreat from the hopelessness of actually addressing our real-world problems.

The road to Hell is paved with virtue-signaling: rather than actually solve the knotty problems that are dragging us toward the abyss, we substitute self-righteousness for problem-solving. That is virtue-signaling in a nutshell.

Virtue-signaling goes hand in hand with the only “solution” that’s politically correct: throw a borrowed trillion dollars at the “problem”, dance the humba-humba around the bonfire at midnight and hope that magic will resolve the underlying issues.

Hence the calls for Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, and free college for all, all paid with borrowed money, despite the virtuous bleatings that “taxes on the rich/robots” will magically pay for trillions of additional dollars to be squandered on corrupt, self-serving cartels.

The well-being of the American populace is broken, with well-being including mental and physical health, financial security and access to all forms of capital, including education, infrastructure and functioning institutions.

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Germany: Hundreds Probed Over Anti-Migrant Comments on Facebook, by Vijeta Uniyal

You’re more at risk in Germany if you comment on social media about immigrant crime than if you’re an immigrant and actually commit a crime. From Vijeta Uniyal at

“No one can hide behind a screen, not even with pseudonyms or made-up names,” Bavarian Interior Minister warns.

German authorities have investigated hundreds of internet users over comments they made on a Facebook video posted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The massive probe, spanning over 250 investigations, was launched in response to the live streaming of a migrant protest by the Bavarian-wing of the AfD party in 2017, German media disclosed on Saturday. Some 97 people were fined and three others were to face incitement charges in the court, the weekly Der Spiegel reported.

The massive police investigation is apparently meant as a warning to anonymous internet users critical of the country’s migrant policy. “No one can hide behind a screen, not even with pseudonyms or made-up names,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann warned.

The Facebook comments against agitating migrants came after a series of riots in refugee centers across Germany. Muslim asylum seekers have repeadetly agitated against supposed lack of consideration shown by the German authorities during the fasting month of Ramadan. “With Ramadan Come the Riots,” a 2018 headline in the Germany daily Bild declared. In 2016, two migrants reportedly burned down a refugee center for allegedly not receiving extra chocolate spread ‘Nutella’ during the Ramanda festivities. The fire ended up causing an estimated $10 million worth of damage.

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