America is Tired, by Alexander Mercouris

This is a good summary of how America exhausted itself. From Alexander Mercouris at Sputnik News via

The major takeaway from the US Presidential election, and from the events which have shaped the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s Presidency – both his actions and the reactions of his opponents – is that America is tired.

It is not difficult to see why since the US has for decades been behaving in a way that was guaranteed eventually to exhaust it.

The US government has been focused to an extraordinary degree on foreign policy since the Second World War.

This is far from normal for any country, and is the factor which more than any other has shaped the present structure of the US economy and of US society, as the US leadership, overwhelmingly focused on its foreign policy, has increasingly neglected the needs of its home base, where problems have slowly accumulated.

In contrast to its policy in the previous century and a half of its existence, the US has built up since the Second World War huge military forces at inordinate cost, many of them based overseas in a huge and intricate series of bases.

Whereas before the Second World War the US was the most civilian of societies, today millions of Americans have experience with service in the military, and American society and political discourse have to an extraordinary degree become militarized.

Alongside this vast military establishment, the US has built up a huge intelligence gathering apparatus, on a scale unrivaled in history. Whereas in 1929 US Secretary of State Henry Stimson shut down the State Department’s Cipher Bureau saying “gentlemen do not read each others’ mail”, today the NSA aspires to read everyone’s mail everywhere.

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