The Pathetic New York Times, by the Bionic Mosquito

The mainstream media that is aghast at Trump’s “killer” rejoinder will never actually look at which country, the US under Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, or Russia under Putin, has launched more offensive wars and killed more military personnel and civilians, but the US is the winner by a mile. From the Bionic Mosquito at

What else can you call it?

One more time, on the “bromance” between Trump and Putin….

Moral Equivalence?

“You got a lot of killers,” Mr. Trump told Bill O’Reilly of the slavishly pro-Trump Fox News. “What, you think our country’s so innocent?”

The editors at the Times take exception to this:

…rather than endorsing American exceptionalism, Mr. Trump seemed to appreciate Mr. Putin’s brutality…

I find nothing in Trump’s comments to suggest he “appreciates” Putin’s brutality. Trump merely stated, in the form of a question, an undeniable fact.

The editors of the Times are very good at listing in some detail Putin’s transgressions – not all of which have any factual basis (but facts cannot be allowed to get in the way of these editors).

There is a Wikipedia page dedicated to all US military operations since 1775. I count 70 US military operations since 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union. There is no such page for Russia; there are two unique pages – one for Syria and one for Ukraine. That’s it. Off of the top of my head, I would add Georgia.

The US military interventions span the globe; the Russian military interventions are either directly on the borders of Russia or to a close, long-time ally. The US military interventions have killed, wounded or displaced countless millions of people. The Russian interventions? I will guess in the tens or hundreds of thousands at most.

Do the editors of the Times dare deal with reality? No. Not on this topic.

To continue reading: The Pathetic New York Times


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