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For the Right to Try, by Justus R. Hope, MD

A Covid patient’s last best hope is Ivermectin and the hospital won’t give it to him. The patient dies. That kind of teeth-grinding idiocy has to be brought to account and punished, severely. From Justus R. Hope, MD at

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Hospital Wins and Man Dies as Court Orders His Ivermectin Stopped

“A Fairfield Township man with COVID-19 whose wife sued to force West Chester Hospital to treat him with Ivermectin has died, according to his attorney. Jeffrey Smith died Saturday, September 25, said his attorney, Jonathan Davidson of Hamilton.

Smith, 51, was diagnosed with COVID-19 in July and was in the intensive care unit at West Chester Hospital.”

According to a news report published October 4, 2021, “Jeffrey Smith tested positive for COVID-19 July 9, was hospitalized, and was admitted to the intensive care unit July 15. He was put on the hospital’s COVID-19 protocol of the antiviral drug, Remdesivir, along with plasma and steroids. On July 27, after a period of relative stability, Jeffrey Smith’s condition began to decline.

He was sedated and intubated, and placed on a ventilator on August 1.

Smith was in a medically-induced coma on August 20, according to an affidavit his wife filed with her lawsuit. ‘My husband is on death’s doorstep; he has no other options,’ she wrote, adding at another point that her husband’s chances of survival had dropped to less than 30%.”

In August, Judge Gregory Howard ordered the hospital, West Chester, to honor the family’s request to treat him with Ivermectin.

Judge Howard approved Dr. Fred Wagshul’s prescription of Ivermectin 30 mg daily for three weeks. Dr. Wagshul is a renowned Pulmonary Specialist who reports having treated over 2,000 patients with Ivermectin with 100% success.

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A Change in the Weather, by Bretigne Shaffer

The dinosaur known as government is about to encounter an Ice Age. From Bretigne Shaffer at

“May you live in interesting times…”
– Someone a long time ago in China

It was windy this morning. Little bunches of leaves on sticks litter the sidewalk. Too big to be twigs, too small to be branches. The tops of trees swish around in the sky above my mom’s qi gong class in the park, and I remember how surprised I was when I first visited China – 35 years ago now – and saw all the old people doing tai chi and qi gong in the parks, the families taking their one child out for walks, people just getting on with their lives rather than spending their every waking moment battling the tyrannical state as I had imagined they would.

“It’s so awful out there! How do you stand it?” I hear over and over again from friends who don’t live in California, from friends who left long ago. And yes, I guess it is awful. I guess… but that’s just not what I see.

I run into a friend who owns a local business, and immediately say to her “the pilots!” Her eyes light up, and we talk for a few minutes about everything that’s happening.

“This is such an exciting time to be alive!” My friend says.

“Yes!” I agree. We talk about this incredible moment in time, the unprecedented opportunity we have to change things. All the work that needs doing on so many different fronts, and how little time we have to get it all done. We both leave the conversation more energized and eager to get on with that work.

To be clear: I don’t celebrate anything that the Federal government, or the government of California, has done over these past two years. Their actions have been devastating to millions of people’s lives, and literally deadly for millions of others. Much of what they have done is criminal, and I in no way endorse any of it.

But there is a silver lining, and it is this: These governments, and many more around the world, have taken a torch to their own credibility, to their own legitimacy. Never again will any thinking person accept unquestioningly the pronouncements of “public health authorities.” Never again will they turn to CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any other mainstream media outlets as “trusted” sources of information. And more people than ever before are aware of just how broken the worlds of scientific research and centrally controlled medical systems are.

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Covid Totalitarianism: The Deification of Error, by John Waters

How fear and propaganda are being used to mold the collective mind. This is a long article but worth reading every word. From John Waters at

The most significant obstacle to our developing the necessary capacity to fight back against what is engulfing us is an imaginative block preventing us conceiving of the possibility that what seems to be happening could actually be happening. These things could not be happening here, now, for the very simple reason that they are the kind of thing that used to happen far away, in different times, to people who were not as ‘intelligent’ or ‘educated’  or ‘advanced’ as we are.

Dr. Mattias Desmet begs to differ with such perilous smugness. He is a professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He lectures on Individual psycho-analytics psychotherapy, and the psychology of the crowd. He holds a master’s degree and PhD in clinical psychology, and a master’s in statistics.

As the Covid subterfuge shifts from the manufacture of mass terror concerning a dubious virus — and a related indoctrination with spurious medical data — to the mass mobilisation of mesmerised populations in silencing voices threatening to expose these crimes, Dr Desmet has emerged as the clearest and most meticulous voice describing the dangers and intimating what we need to do to offset them. A selection of his remarkable video interviews can be found at the end of this article, which I have written by way of an introduction to his thoughts and interpretations, which I believe are among the most crucial things we might hear at this precise moment.

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Just Tested Positive For . . .


Arguing What Was Never Argued, by Eric Peters

Frame an argument with leftists in terms of individual freedom and rights and they’ll soon either be screaming at you, making fun of you, or walking away from you. From Eric Peters at

One of the dirtiest ways to win an argument is to change the subject of the argument – and thereby argue for or against what your opponent never argued.

Leftists do this as a matter of course – because it works.

I get hit with this a lot, for example as regards electric cars – which I have never argued anyone should be prevented from selling or buying, if they wish to offer one for sale – or buy one. I do, however, very much oppose anyone being forced or pressured to make or buy electric cars – a fundamentally different argument.

Leftists do not want to have that discussion.

Similarly with regard to these drugs being pushed on people by the government and the corporations that have become the adjuncts and enforcers of government.

I object to the pushing of drugs

Not the drugs, as such.

I do think (because the evidence abounds) that the drugs being pushed are at best of dubious value for most people and – at worst – potentially dangerous, based on what is already known about them and also what we don’t know about them.

But these things are peripheral; they are not fundamentally the issue anymore than electric cars – as such – are the issue, with regard to one’s support (or not) for their manufacture being mandated and people being forced to buy them.

That is an entirely different discussion.

As a libertarian, I argue that every adult human being has a natural, inalienable right of ownership over his or her own body – which strikes me as self-evident – and from this premise flows the argument that no one else has any right to force another human being to put anything into their body.

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COVID-19: The Weaponization Of Fear & The Loss Of Freedom, by John Mac Ghlionn

You can get people to do almost anything if they’re afraid. If things keep going the way they are in the US, people will have a lot more to fear than a germ. From John Mac Ghlionn at The Epoch Times via

Many U.S. citizens wonder if life will ever return to normal. Are masks here to stay? On TV, news channels are busy spreading fear. Meanwhile, some of the most widely read publications in the United States are warning about the next phase of the pandemic.

To live in the United States is to live in a permanent state of fear. This, as many readers know, is by design. A more fearful nation is a more passive one—easier to manipulate and easier to control.

In the United States, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, it’s far “too soon” to tell if Christmas gatherings will be allowed. Considering Christmas is more than two months away, one is forgiven for raising their eyebrows and asking: “What are you talking about, Dr. Fauci?” What is the point of vaccines and booster shots if we cannot be with our loved ones? Haven’t we sacrificed enough over the past 18 to 20 months?

Today, across the country, fear dominates the narrative. As someone currently completing a doctorate in psychology, I am intimately familiar with the mechanics of emotional salience. As a key attentional mechanism that contributes to our survival, fear is currently being weaponized for nefarious purposes.

When it comes to the mechanics of government-induced fear, the economist Robert Higgs is perhaps the most knowledgeable man in America.

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Time for Washington To Stop Sanctioning the World: US Arrogance Leaves Trail of Innocent Victims Behind, by Doug Bandow

There is probably no more counterproductive foreign policy strategy than sanctions, and a lot of innocent people get caught in the crossfire. From Doug Bandow at

The “Lift Sanctions, Save Lives” network is lobbying Congress to do what it should have done years ago: assess the impact of economic sanctions now routinely applied to ally as well as adversary. Such a review is long overdue.

Economic sanctions have become a new global battlefield. In July Beijing targeted several organizations and individuals, including former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in retaliation for earlier U.S. penalties. In January Beijing sanctioned 28 former Trump administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as the Biden administration took over. In March, after the European Union penalized Beijing for suppressing political liberty in Hong Kong, the Xi regime retaliated against a number of Europeans, including members of the European Parliament.

The Chinese actions had little practical impact – preventing Pompeo and Ross from traveling to Hong Kong is not much of an inconvenience. (Ironically, they deserve to be sanctioned by Americans for their awful performance in office!) Moreover, Beijing’s action, though popular at home, backfired internationally. For instance, the European Parliament effectively killed a pending investment agreement.

Nevertheless, the whining about China’s action is striking. Americans and Europeans declared economic war on the proud, nationalistic People’s Republic of China, and were surprised when it struck back. Who knew that the PRC would dare act like … America!?

Of course, Beijing remains but a babe when it comes to applying sanctions. The US is by far the world’s cruelest and most prolific practitioner of economic warfare, which these days mostly means starving desperate civilians under impoverished dictatorships. Congress appears to be constantly looking for foreign peoples to target, based on the bizarre assumption that if the US punishes civilians already ravaged by civil war, political oppression, and socialist economics, the reigning autocrats will immediately apologize, disarm, liberalize, democratize, and ally with America.

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Hospital Denies Organ Transplant To Unvaccinated Patient, by Simon Black

Simon Black’s weekly chronicle of the absurd. From Black at

Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Hospital Denies Organ Transplant To Unvaccinated Patient

Only a small part of Leilani Lutali’s kidneys functions properly. So she’s in critical need of a transplant.

Ten months ago she met a woman at a Bible study group who agreed to donate a kidney. Lutali couldn’t believe she would be the recipient of such extraordinary generosity.

According to Lutali, however, she received a letter from the UCHealth network of Colorado hospitals stating that the would refuse to perform the life-saving organ transplant because she is not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Incredible. The hospital is willing to let this woman die… because she’s unvaccinated.

Click here to read the full story.

ACLU Altered a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote To Be Gender Neutral

On the first anniversary of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) thought it would honor her by posting a quote about a woman’s right to have an abortion.

However, the ACLU altered the quote:

“The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a [person’s] life, to [their] well-being and dignity … When the government controls that decision for [people], [they are] being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for [their] own choices.”

Note that the ACLU removed the original words: woman, her, and she— to comply with the modern anti-science woke dogma that not only women can become pregnant.

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Sins of Omission and the COVID Bottom Line, by L. Reichard White

What they don’t tell you about Covid and its vaccines is even worse than what they try to get you to believe. From L. Reichard White at

As I’ve noted before, I’m a market kinda guy. None-the-less, as business guru Peter Drucker put it, “Markets aren’t perfect, they’re not even very good, they’re just better than anything else.

Keeping that in mind, they’re at their worst when they’re teamed-up with with government force to interfere with things at the behest of Big Business for fun and profit.

The most disgusting — and the most common — mating ritual is the arranged marriage between business and government, sometimes referred to these days as public-private partnership, but previously — and accurately — called “fascism.” That unholy matrimony is typically locked in place by the rubric of “regulation.

Contrary to the propaganda, “regulation” isn’t to protect us from big business, it’s to protect big business from markets’ invisible hands. That means our hands as consumers. If you find that hard to believe, well, check this out.

Probably the most disgusting coupling to date is the shotgun wedding among Big Pharma, the modern reincarnation of the defunct Club of Rome and the world’s elected liars and their cherry-picked bureaucrats, as they gang-bang vulnerable humans with the COVID-19 Narrative Pandemic.

As you may know by now, to get this scam on, they’ve been lying to us about nearly every aspect of the so-called “pandemic.” You can find a few examples HERE.

One of the favorite tricks of the cherry-picked bureaucrats is lying by omission. These three key lies-by-omission for example – – –

  1. Young folks, those under the age of about 20 down to infants need to be jabbed. Out and out lie-by-omission. The omission is that folks in this age bracket almost never get COVID-19, almost none of those who do get it die from it — and they don’t pass it on to grandpa. This is true in spades for children under the age 13.

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The CIA Has Stultified American Consciences, by Jacob G. Hornberger

There’s not a crime the CIA hasn’t committed in the name of the US people. From Jacob G. Hornberger at

One of the worst consequences of converting the federal government to a national-security state has been the stultification or warping of the consciences of the American people. With unwavering allegiance to the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA, all too many Americans have sacrificed their sense of right and wrong at the altar of “national security,” the two-word term that has become the most important term in the political lexicon of the American people.

The best example of this phenomenon is the CIA’s power of assassination. Most Americans have come to passively accept this power, with nary a thought as to the victims against whom it is carried out and under what what circumstances it is carried out.

Consider recent revelations that the CIA was planning to assassinate Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, for disclosing dark-side secrets of the U.S. deep state to to the world.

That’s why U.S. officials have pursued him with a vengeance — not because he lied about the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s dark-side activities but rather because he disclosed the truth about them.

That’s why they were seeking to murder him — to silence him, to punish him, and to send a message to other potential disclosers of dark-side secrets of the national-security establishment.

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