Dear Reince: Do Not Fail President Trump, by Kurt Schlichter

Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, must be feared, not loved. From Kurt Schlicter on a guest post at

The name “Reince Priebus” sounds like the moniker of some Star Wars villain, and coincidentally you need to get in touch with your inner Darth Vader. You’re flirting with failure. The President may be publicly applauding you for the moment, but his supporters are developing grave doubts about your ability to deliver the Death Star on time and under budget. Remember, Vader was the Emperor’s chief of staff, his hatchet man, his hammer. But Vader’s success came from actual successes; sure, he had a messy personal life but he got stuff done. You need to get stuff done.

Getting stuff done is your only job. Your job is not policy and it’s not chatting off the record with the NYT/WaPo hacks who can’t wait to stick a light saber in your back. It’s not picking fights with people you imagine to be potential rivals that end up getting you trending on Twitter in a bad way. Reince, you need less drama and more results. Don’t think we voters haven’t noticed that there are all these leaks about everyone in the building – except about you and your faction. Hmmm. That insider garbage needs to end. It needs to end now.

Get stuff done. Remember, Darth Vader was foremost a manager, inspiring his team to achieve. Who have you choked out lately for sub-par performance? We’re not seeing a lot of crushed larynxes, and that’s what you need to motivate that herd of backbiting sloths we call the executive branch.

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