EcoTerrorism Is Alive And Well In The American Left, by Karl Denninger

The DAPL pipeline protest0rs, protesting potential environmental damage the pipeline could cause, left their protest site a mess. They were the kids who vowed to save Mother Earth but would never clean their own rooms. From Karl Denninger at

The DAPL pipeline “protest” has been broken up.

True to form the “activists” claimed that there would be “fake news” claims of despoiling the environment by the protesters and that it “didn’t happen.”

Oh yes it did.

I have a friend who is part of the crew sent in to remediate the land on which the camp was and is there right now.

I spend some amount of time camping in the backcountry, and even more camping with my car present at some sort of campground or other location. The rules are simple: The only way someone should know you were there when you are done is that there may be footprints on the ground.

The amount of waste left behind by these “protesters” is outrageous. Much of it is biodegradable but not all of it and among that which is not are plastics, human waste that was not properly buried (and thus may carry disease) and even abandoned vehicles which, I remind you, inherently include petroleum-based fluids that poison watersheds if they are released, and if those vehicles are submerged the fluids will be released.

The protest camp site is in an area subject to normal, annual flooding when the snow melts. The pollution that will result to the waterway if this trash is not removed prior to that happening is not speculative — it is a certainty.

May I remind you that the “protest” was over the possibility that there might be a release of pollutants into the water at some indeterminate point in the future by a pipeline being built which is in addition to several others already in the same place? In other words the protest was over the incremental increase in the possibility of despoiling the waterway over the risk already present from existing pipelines in the same immediate area.

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