He Said That? 3/19/17

From President Donald Trump, Trump 101 by Donald Trump, 2006:

I believe that the key to striking a deal is persuasion, not power. Persuasion is diplomacy at its best-the ability to convince people to accept your ideas. You don’t want to force people to accept your ideas. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, you want them to think that the decision was theirs, which gives them a greater sense of power and control. Your objectives should be to make your adversaries feel like they’re your partners, not your victims. Present your ideas in a way that will not intimidate your adversaries or make them feel that they are being forced to surrender. In successful negotiations, all parties should feel satisfied with the outcome.


3 responses to “He Said That? 3/19/17

  1. Will he be able to do this in relation to health care?


  2. Well said and excellent advice, in the realm of business. Different considerations obtain in politics, i.e. war by other means. (Apologies to Herr Clausewitz)


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