The Deep State Has Taken Trump Hostage, A Q & A with David Stockman

Has the warfare state kidnapped Trump, tossing all his rhetoric of scaling back the US’s foreign commitments out the window? From David Stockman at

In this special edition of the weekend Diary, a look at how the Warfare State has got its hooks in President Trump. And who better to lay it all out than David Stockman.

Stockman served as Reagan’s budget director until he quit in protest of the administration’s spiraling federal budget deficits. And now he’s blowing the whistle on the Deep State’s efforts to co-opt President Trump.

Q&A With David Stockman

Chris Lowe (CL): President Trump promised to keep the U.S. out of pointless foreign adventures. Then he ordered a missile strike on a Syrian government air force base. What did you make of that?

David Stockman (DS): Here’s the newsflash on the Tomahawks. We fired 59. Thirty-six were duds that landed in the desert somewhere. Twenty-three hit the air force base. Not one hit the runway. The Syrian air force was launching bombing sorties from the runway the next day. Not a single operable plane was taken out. What we did hit were three “butler buildings,” otherwise known as hangars, and a graveyard for inoperable planes.

This was a random, crazy decision. Where did it come from? Two days… no thorough investigation possible… and plenty of circumstantial reasons to think the chemical weapons attack was a false flag operation. The obvious conclusion is that President Trump has been taken hostage by the Deep State.

Remember, one of the fundamental propositions of the president’s campaign was that regime change doesn’t work. So the question is: Who appointed Donald Trump to be the global spanker-in-chief for any dictator or world leader who misbehaves?

And if we want to be spanker-in-chief, why don’t we take a look at the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who was in the Oval Office a few weeks ago? Mr. Sisi has had thousands of his political opponents murdered since he illegally took power in a coup several years ago.

Also, where are these standards when it comes to the horrendous civil war in Yemen? We are arming the Saudis – who are backing the ousted Yemeni government – with every kind of destructive device, bomb, missile, and drone in our arsenal. They wouldn’t have the firepower they do without all these U.S.-supplied munitions.

So far, there have been 10,000 civilian casualties – 4,000 men, women, and children killed and another 6,000 injured. Many of them from cluster bombs supplied by U.S. firm Textron to the Saudi government. If you want to be the spanker-in-chief, bring in King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and give him a whack or two.

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