They Said That? 6/5/17

This is Megyn Kelly’s quasi-interview with Vladimir Putin. It is a quasi-interview because after most of Putin’s answers, there is a cutaway to the officially approved US intelligence and media narrative that serves to discredit Putin. Even with this disadvantage, Putin more than holds his own with Kelly. This is well worth 11 minutes, 23 seconds.

4 responses to “They Said That? 6/5/17

  1. Sorry I tried to watch it and cannot. Kelly is a complete tool, mindlessly shilling for team USA in the attempted furtherance of her career. The fact that she is able to remember details of the narrative and throw them at Putin means nothing.

    People have to always remember that everyone Rises to some measure of public prominence is dangerously sociopathic and completely Unworthy of any measure of trust at all. They are all in it entirely for themselves, their own and Richmond and their own Glory. None of them has one tiny vestige of Public Welfare or public interest in mind. Every single one of them is dangerously insane murderous greedy vain etc. That of course includes Putin, Trump, and so on.


  2. *enrichment


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