Better Dead Than Traditionally Wed, by the Bionic Mosquito

The Bionic Mosquito takes apart a Reason magazine cover article that for the most part sounds like it could have come from some neoconservative journal. From the Bionic Mosquito at

This one runs a bit long…


Russia’s Global Anti-Libertarian Crusade: How Vladimir Putin’s desire for domination and acceptance is scrambling American politics, by Cathy Young and published by

Yes, it’s all Putin’s fault – even at Reason Magazine.

The beltway mainstream libertarians are coming out in force for war with Russia, and criticizing the libertarians who are against war with Russia.  Their desire for the libertine overwhelms any concerns they might have regarding war with Russia.

Now they don’t say all of this in so many words, but one need not be a high school graduate to see where this is all headed.

Let’s allow Cathy Young to set the stage:

  • NATO expanding to Russia’s borders should not be seen as a threat by Russia, but as an olive branch of peace;
  • The EU should not be viewed as an unaccountable bureaucracy, but an organization dedicated to advancing liberty in Europe;
  • Western involvement in color revolutions (if it even occurs) – even on the doorsteps of Russia – should not be seen as destabilizing, but as advancement of liberal democracy;
  • Creating turmoil throughout the Muslim world should not be viewed as a threat to Russia – which not only directly borders this Muslim world but is also home to something in the order of 10 million Muslims, but instead seen as a move toward expanding freedom.

And how are libertarians who might believe otherwise viewed?

…pro-Russian (or at least anti-anti-Russian) arguments have become fairly common not just among conservatives but among a contingent of libertarians, such as former Rep. Ron Paul and Editorial Director Justin Raimondo.

And why?

…Ron Paul–style libertarians are inclined to see Russia as a check on U.S. foreign adventurism and Russia hawks as hardcore proponents of the American imperial leviathan.

An incomplete view is the most charitable way I can describe this, although for a libertarian even just this might be reason enough to be “anti-anti-Russian.”

To continue reading: Better Dead Than Traditionally Wed


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