They Sang That? 8/1/17

Dark and savagely cynical, Animals was not Pink Floyd’s most popular album. Given today’s purile, soporific, and banal rock music, if Animals was rereleased now, it probably wouldn’t sell 100,000 copies. From Pink Floyd, “Sheep”:


4 responses to “They Sang That? 8/1/17

  1. Popular enough, back in the day. Search ‘animals soldier field’. I was there. After I got in – with a ticket – saw a crowd rushing the gate and security trying to drive it back by throwing metal trash cans down on them. If anybody made it through, they likely figured a few cuts and bruises were a small price to pay.

    Despite his leftist proclivities, Roger Waters gets it.


    • I saw them in Anaheim. Did a lot of things to myself that I don’t do now. The only things I remember were standing in the outfield in front of the stage and getting squashed, the big pig balloon, and the group looking absolutely catatonic–they never moved.


  2. Throughout his career, Roger Waters has been a consistently strong songwriter and social critic. If you’re a fan of Animals you’d probably enjoy his last two solo albums, Amused to Death and Is This the Life We Really Want?


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