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This Is Your Last Chance, Part Two, by Robert Gore


The biggest trend change in history.

Part One

Supposedly collectivists will reap the rewards of the only things they produce—destruction and death. After the collapse, a global collectivist government will replace the current multiplicity of collectivist governments. Most of the collapse’s survivors will become slaves living on subsistence doled out by the small aristocracy that will rule the planet. The real work will be done by artificially intelligent machines. The slaves will be pacified chemically and electronically through ubiquitous virtual reality technologies and monitored ceaselessly while the aristocrats live in unimaginable splendor. Those who resist pacification and enslavement will be “corrected,” or if that fails, murdered.

This is simply a straight line projection of the present and recent past that ignores a fully evident counter-trend still gathering steam. After a centuries-long, bull-market run, government as an institution has topped out. The plans and predictions of the global totalitarians are the overconfident rationalizations of newly minted millionaires at the top of bull markets—the “permanently high plateau” in 1929, the “new economy” in 2000, “house prices only go up” in 2007, and “the Fed’s got our backs” now.

We already have shining examples of totalitarian collectivist failure in really big countries with lots of people—the Soviet Union and Communist China. The former collapsed after tens of millions died, the latter made a mid-course correction towards more freedom after tens of millions died.

Blithering idiots attribute those failures to incomplete control by the totalitarians or claim collectivism can only work when the whole world is completely enslaved. They ignore the core quandary of collectivist control—it produces nothing. Collectivist governments steal, they don’t produce. A global collectivist government will produce exactly what the current multiplicity of collectivist governments produce: nothing. Yet, this government will supposedly build the world back better from the ashes of financial, economic, and political collapse.

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This Is Your Last Chance, by Robert Gore

This is Part One, Part Two will be posted 1/21.

The indictment is long and strong. A cabal of politicians, governments, courts, medical authorities, pharmaceutical companies, multinational agencies, the mainstream media, academics, and foundations, particularly the World Economic Forum, have concocted responses to a virus and its variants that have robbed the people of rightful liberties, are a mechanism for the imposition of global totalitarianism, and have amplified rather than reduced the virus’s dangers, inflicting severe injury and death that will last years, perhaps decades, and afflict millions, if not billions, of victims (See “The Means Are The End,” Robert Gore, SLL, November 13, 2021).

This is their last chance. They can reverse course and pray to whatever demonic deity they pray to that it’s enough to prevent the retribution they deserve, or they can perish in the destruction they’ve created. They will reap what they have sown, their time is up.

This is it, the last gasp of the psychopaths who express their contempt and hatred for humanity by trying to rule it. Compulsion, not voluntary and natural cooperation. Power, pull, and politics, not incentives, competition, honest production, and value-for-value trade. From each according to his virtue to each according to his depravity.

The Last Gasp,” Robert Gore, SLL, March 24, 2020

Their time is up. This assertion may appear as recklessly foolish as Luke Skywalker’s ultimatum—“Jabba, this is your last chance, free us or die!”—did to Jabba the Hut at the Sarlacc Pit. It’s not, but to understand why requires an understanding of slow moving (on human time scale) but enormously powerful forces. Most history studies the wrong things and most predictions are straight line projections of the present and recent past.

The linchpin of history is innovation, not governments and rulers. We don’t know who ruled whom when humanity lived in caves, but we do know that someone tamed fire, someone planted seeds and cultivated them for food, and someone invented the wheel. With such steps humanity emerged from the caves and began building civilization. Even at this early stage one thing was clear: innovation creates new capabilities and opportunities and serves as the basis for further innovation.

Government is the acquisition of resources that enables those who govern to exercise control over those whom they govern. This presupposes resources, which presupposes production. Government is always subsidiary to production, yet most history focuses on the former and treats the latter as a secondary matter. This is looking down the telescope from the wrong end. Before a government can take someone must make.

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“If You Could Die Of Irony, She Would Be Dead”: Musk Slams Liz Warren And Woke Culture In Epic Babylon Bee Interview, by Tyler Durden

SLL posts something from The Babylon Bee almost every night. It has come out of nowhere to become one the most prominent sources of satire against the prevailing idiocy (they never run out of idiocy). Obviously getting an interview with Elon Musk is quite a coup. From Tyler Durden at (with the interview):

Elon Musk just sat down with the guys from the Babylon Bee for a 54-minute interview, where the Tesla and SpaceX founder savaged Sen. Liz Warren, and described woke culture as a “mind virus.”

“You were pretty mean to Senator Warren there on Twitter recently,” said Babylon Bee EIC Kyle Mann. “Ya slammed her man.”

“Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen,” he continued – citing Musk’s December 14th response to Warren slamming him for not paying ‘enough’ taxes.

To which Musk replied: “She struck first, obviously. She called me a freeloader and a grifter who doesn’t pay taxes, basically. And – I’m literally paying the most tax that any individual in history has ever paid, this year, ever. And she doesn’t pay tax… basically at all. And her salary is paid for by the taxpayer, like me.”

“Could you even use the term irony, would that work?” asked one of the Bee guys.

“If you could die of irony, she would be dead.”

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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, by Jeff Thomas

Congenial lies go a lot farther than harsh truths. From Jeff Thomas at

six impossible

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”   –Alice in Wonderland

We live in an age when the level of deceit and propaganda is at an all-time high. Joseph Goebbels, Vladimir Lenin, and others did their best to force-feed propaganda to the masses, but they were rank amateurs compared to the spin doctors employed by the political leaders of today. They’re masters at convincing people of impossible things.

Whenever I listen to Americans discuss their country, I find people that are eager for more news and information, yet most, without even knowing it, accept much of the dogma they’ve been fed on a daily basis by their government and the media, even if, to outsiders, the assumptions are preposterous. Only those who make a concerted, ongoing effort to see through the smokescreen seem to keep clear.

Here are six impossible things that many seem to have little trouble accepting as reality.

Yes, the country’s in a mess, but that’s because of opposition-party meddling. If the party I favour could get a majority, they’d sort things out.

This seems to have been a popular belief for decades. It’s believed by Democrats and Republicans alike. But, in 2001, the Republicans held both houses of Congress, plus the presidency, yet even then they failed to deliver on what they claimed were their party’s fundamental goals. Between 2009 and 2011, the Democrats controlled all three, yet they, too, failed to deliver. If the electorate were to step back and look at the history of who is in power vs. changes in policy, they’d find that the government’s central programme of welfare/warfare continues unabated, regardless of who controls the Congress and White House. The primary policies of the US are determined independently of who has been elected. As American writer Mark Twain stated correctly, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

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Is a ‘Russian Century’ Shaping Up (by Default)? By Stephen Karganovic

It’s a mark of just how far Western lunacy has gone that many of the West’s still normal inhabitants look wistfully towards Russia. From Stephen Karganovic at

Imbued with its traditional values and the idealism tempered by common sense of its people, Russia is bound to become one of the major civilizational poles of the emerging multipolar world

In a noteworthy recent analysis, Russian-American publicist Dmitry Orlov advances an argument that may sound fatuous, but actually has more substance than meets the eye.

In essence, what Orlov claims is that the often heard criticism hurled at Russians that they have not mastered the technique of soft power is misconceived. And that the widely advertised cutting edge military wonder-weapons are not the most powerful assets in Russia’s arsenal. Orlov advances the startling hypothesis that Russia’s mightiest weapon is not even secret but is out in the open for all to see. And, he would probably add, admire.

That weapon, according to Orlov, is Russia’s ostentatious and magnetic embrace of normalcy, making it attractive to countless citizens of the former “free world” who have come to loath the degeneracy of the West, where they feel trapped. They are searching for an alternative society, where decency and traditional values are actively affirmed and promoted. For many of them, politics aside, contemporary Russia is precisely the kind of society that they miss in their own countries and are now looking for elsewhere.

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When Idiocy Becomes Hardwired, by Jeff Thomas

A trenchant analysis of just how idiocy has become hardwired throughout so much or our sociey, from Jeff Thomas at

At this point, virtually all of us over the age of forty have encountered enough “snowflakes” (those Millennials who have a meltdown if anything they say or believe is challenged) to understand that, increasingly, young people are being systemically coddled to the point that they cannot cope with their “reality” being questioned.

The post-war baby boomers were the first “spoiled” generation, with tens of millions of children raised under the concept that, “I don’t want my children to have to experience the hardships that I faced growing up.”

Those jurisdictions that prospered most (the EU, US, Canada, etc.) were, not coincidentally, the ones where this form of childrearing became most prevalent.

The net result was the ’60s generation – young adults who could be praised for their idealism in pursuing the peace movement, the civil rights movement, and equal rights for women. But those same young adults were spoiled to the degree that many felt that it made perfect sense that they should attend expensive colleges but spend much of their study time pursuing sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Flunking out or dropping out was not seen as a major issue and very few of them felt any particular guilt about having squandered their parents’ life savings in the process.

The boomer generation then became the yuppies as they hit middle age, and not surprisingly, many coddled their own children even more than they themselves had been coddled.

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Russia’s Greatest Weapon is not a Weapon, by Dmitry Orlov

Russia is what many people around the world still consider normal, and that gives it a big advantage. From Dmitry Orlov at

An ultimately very healthy but in the meantime very unpleasant realization is gradually dawning in West—an insight that is simply shocking, that fundamentally alters their picture of the world: that the stronger becomes the hurricane of woke transformations that is raging there, the more attractive Russia becomes for hundreds of millions of Europeans and Americans. What is Russia’s most powerful weapon? Is it nuclear? Is it hypersonic (or “hydrosonic,” as per Trump)? Cybermagic, perhaps? No, Russia’s most powerful weapon is its values. And it grows stronger and more dangerous every day, in direct proportion to the intensifying fire of multiculturalism and political correctness that is raging in Europe and in America.

A recent article in The National Interest summarized various American authors who claim that the Kremlin is gradually developing its strategy of soft power and using it to successfully fight the West, splitting it and undermining it from within. What is the cause of their paranoid hysteria? Could it be that they have accidentally discovered who their true enemy is, and that it is… they themselves?

The simplest and most effective way to knock a geopolitical adversary out of the game is to impose on it a system of values ​​that will split its society and lead the most active part of its population to occupy public buildings, to erect barricades and to support a pretender to the throne that is immediately given support and recognition by the country’s enemies. This is how all color revolutions of the late 20th and the early 21st centuries have been done: broadcast some propaganda, recruit some activists, help them to organize, provide some clandestine financial support, and then at some point this human mass, confident in their strength and their righteousness, surges through the police barriers and goes on to create history by overthrowing some faux-democrat petty tyrant, clearing the path for the next faux-democrat petty tyrant to be installed, with the country growing weaker, poorer and more disordered with each iteration. The process starts with the conversion of some significant part of the target population to “universal human values” with secular proselytizing of the “one true democratic faith.”

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Millions Of Americans Are Scrambling To Become Independent Of The System As It Collapses All Around Them, by Michael Snyder

Increased independence necessarily means increased self-sufficiency. From Michael Snyder at

That means that they will not be able to have access to any services at that hospital for the foreseeable future.

Did you ever imagine that a day would come when you might not even be allowed to go inside your local hospital?

In other cases, hospitals are not providing certain services any longer due to severe staffing shortages.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that some institutions may lose up to a third of their employees due to Biden’s mandate for health care workers.

That is madness, and I never imagined that we would see such a thing happen in America.

But here we are.

Moving forward, many Americans are going to have to start figuring out how to provide their own health care, because our health care system is being shaken like never before.

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Being Thankful Is the Path to Victory Over Davos, by Tom Luongo

Our would-be rulers are devoid of the emotions that make life worth living. From Tom Luongo at

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is the one day where we celebrate putting aside our differences and doing the most basic thing humans can do together, share a meal.

It is also the one holiday that does nothing to aggrandize The State in all its rotten guises. For that alone it would be my personal favorite. Ultimately this is just a story about two very different people coming together to share the fruits of the harvest and the hunt to begin the long and difficult process of building trust.

Trust, by the way, is the basis for civilization itself. Without trust there is nothing, just The Hunger Games.

It doesn’t matter whether the stories of the first Thanksgiving are true or not. Only those with an obsession with demystifying the world to salve their own inner emptiness care about such historical ‘truths.’

It is the story itself that has power, like all great stories.

It’s a story that is deeply embedded in the Myth of America as the great experiment in governance and rebellion against the colonial powers of Europe.

In the end, that Myth is just that, of course, a myth.

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Thanksgiving Diaper Report 11/23/21, by Eric Peters

With the controversies surrounding Covid-19, its prevention and treatment, Thanksgiving  can be uncomfortable. From Eric Peters at

This report comes the week of Thanksgiving, which for many of us brings an unpleasant reminder of how effectively families and friendships have been torn apart by the weaponization of hypochondria, which has been used to foment the mass hysteria necessary for the imposition of political tyranny in the name of “health.”

This is not abstract politics. It is personal.

Many of us are no longer on speaking terms with people we previously spoke to often. Treated by friends of long-standing as if we’d done them some unforgivable, intolerable wrong by objecting to pretending we’re terrified of a sickness with a better-than-99-percent recovery rate, assuming one even gets sick. Friends – or so we thought – who treat us as if we were a mortal threat to their health. Family members who won’t allow us in their homes – or visit ours – unless we agree to perform the bizarre and dangerous rituals they demand of us, including blind submission to injections with whatever’s-in-those-needles.

It is hard – but it is also easy.

Like divorce . . . once it’s over with.


In the initial stages of the dissolution, many husbands and wives will do practically anything to prevent the dissolution. They are target-fixated on what was. The marriage that no longer exists, except as a legal artifact. The love is gone. The trust, evaporated. There are a million reasons why and – in the end – none of them matter once the hearts have hardened. When one of the two no longer wants to be married.

It may take awhile for the other of the two to come to grips with this.

In the meanwhile, a heroic struggle often ensues. The one who wants the marriage to “work” will try to find out what went awry and take steps to fix it. Will patiently try to understand the other spouse’s point of view. May even be willing to offer up compromises over important matters of principle, all for the sake of that one desperate, nostalgic urge to hold onto what is already gone.

This is where many of us find ourselves, this Thanksgiving week.

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