Syrian Army Breaks Deir Ezzor Siege At Moment The National Soccer Team Stuns World, by Tyler Durden

The Syrian government is regaining control of the eastern half of Syria. From Tyler Durden at

Against all odds the Syrian Army has broken the years-long ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor and is now poised to re-establish government control over Syria’s east. And for the first time since the start of the war, Middle East analysts are predicting that Assad will eventually consolidate control over much of the entire country.

Early on Tuesday Syrian state media announced the army’s breaching of ISIS lines which had surrounded Deir Ezzor city for the first time in three years. Remarkably, a government zone of over 100,000 people, including an army detachment which had long been completely surrounded, survived the years long siege through Syrian, Russian, and U.N. airdrops.

The plight of pro-government civilians trapped and brutalized by ISIS in Deir Ezzor has been largely ignored by international media, even as civilian suffering in other parts of Syria was frequently highlighted. The eastern province’s largest city actually came under initial siege by al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front prior to Islamic State’s expansion in the area.

Syrian troops of the Brigade 137 base, surrounded by ISIS since 2014, were reunited with advancing army soldiers after they successfully lifted the lengthy siege of Deir Ezzor Tuesday. Image source: Al-Masdar News

It appears that ISIS lines are quickly collapsing throughout the area, though like Mosul, it is likely that weeks or months of urban fighting could ensue in what will likely be a slow and grinding process of complete liberation and rooting out of the terrorist insurgency.  The Syrian army issued a statement Tuesday, saying the operation marks “a strategic turn in the war against terrorism”, and that once captured, Deir Ezzor will be used as a “launching pad to expand military operations in the region.” Russia’s Defense Ministry also confirmed direct assistance in the operation, saying that its warship in the Mediterranean fired cruise missiles and successfully destroyed various ISIS targets, including a communications and command center, and weapons depots. Russian media circulated images of the cruise missile strikes.

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