Old Think, by the Zman

The mainstream media’s news audience is drawing Social Security, and the generations coming up get their news from the Internet. This won’t end well for the MSM. From the Zman at theburningplatform.com:

The other day, Andrew Torba was scheduled to appear on the Tucker Carlson show so I figured out how to find it off the underground TV system. I no longer have a TV subscription, so I have to rely on the dark web for this stuff. Cord cutters can say what they like about services like Kodi, but it is a hassle compared to regular cable. So much so, in fact, that I rarely watch television. Instead I download movies and TV shows and binge watch when the spirit moves me. I watched Deadwood last month, for example.

Anyway, I found a stream and tuned in to the show. I did not know when Torba’s segment was scheduled so I had to sit through the whole thing. Watching Tucker interview some old guy, who looked vaguely familiar, I felt like I had gone back in time. I have not watched these shows in a long time. I get my news on-line. I skip the Blue Team – Red Team hooting that makes up political banter in the mainstream press. In fact, I barely notice most of what passes for current events discussion. I just don’t care that much.

The Torba piece was short and I got the sense that Tucker Carlson spends little time on-line. The things Torba said about Twitter and FaceBorg zapping bad-think on a daily basis were obviously news to Tucker. He was genuinely surprised when Torba explained the realities of who controls the internet and the power they have over speech. The reason for this is no one in the mass media understands any of this stuff. They live in the media bubble and the sorts of things we experience on-line are alien to them.

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3 responses to “Old Think, by the Zman

  1. Yep. I like the moniker FaceBorg… that is the truth. I’ve been saying (to myself, mostly) that decentralization is the only way to circumvent the PTB. Decentralizing food production, energy production, information technology and access, etc. Most importantly, really, is our access to information, which FaceBorg and Google are now openly and proudly censoring. The MSM no longer even pretends to do journalism, they are puppets (or puppet masters, sometimes I wonder) for the elites on both sides of the aisle.

    Everyone needs to become familiar with the term MESH Networks. For nearly nothing, you can pick up a used computer (usually free if you can catch someone before they throw their “ancient” 3 year-old desktop or laptop away, because it “just wont keep up anymore”), strip out the hard drive (which is likely laced with malware and viruses), and load a free, fresh OS such as Linux Mint, or Ubuntu, or Arch (for you Linux snobs), or any of the other flavors of Linux or FreeBSD onto it and use it as an information server. Get useful data on it, link to others via a MESH Network (great article here about that: https://greycoder.com/gnunet-circumvents-censorship-with-open-source-p2p-networking/) and keep the information flowing.

    FWIW, anyone using Windows or iOS now is a moron anyway, so switch to Linux if you want any semblance of privacy. Okay, so maybe you’re not a moron, but you just don’t understand that Linux is better for very nearly everything, period. Software is free and open source, no subscriptions for software (how much do you now pay for subscription fees for Adobe and Microsoft products every year, hmmm? $1,000 a year? $5,000 a year?) Linux works better than Windows or iOS, is free, ad-free, and can even be configured to look just like your iOS or Windows screen so you won’t feel like you are having to learn a brand new system (perish the thought)

    A MESH network can be easily constructed with your brand new (used) free computer, with free software, using a $20 router loaded with (free) open-source router software (it’s really not that hard, folks), and maybe an antenna so you can link to others in your area. MESH Networks, done correctly (again, this is easy) can cover thousands of square miles, and be completely independent of what we know as the internet. Basically an alternative internet, without giant mega corporations deciding what is appropriate for others to see (you know, like videos of patriotic Americans supporting the 2nd Amendment, protesting wild breaches of the 4th Amendment, etc.

    Stop paying these people to poison your minds (and your food). Decentralize. Communicate. Train. Resistance is NOT futile.


  2. That’s high praise, thank you. Now I need to actually put together a “how-to”, rather than just an “ought-to”. A wifi signal can travel upwards of a mile with decent antennas at either end. Amateur radio is another possibility for longer distances. There are numerous applications that can facilitate FakeBorg-like communication, including Disaspora and Gab. Diaspora is especially interesting as it is decentralized, and can run on any linux platform, and data is hosted on “pods” throughout the world, and someone with a bit of sysadmin skills can host their own. For free.

    The good thing is the possibilities are almost endless. The bad thing is that the possibilities are almost endless, and it can be difficult to coordinate a cohesive system that makes the most sense to most people (hence the proliferation of FakeBorg & Twitter).


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