The Big Problem With Hollywood Is Its Product, by Kurt Schlichter

They don’t make movies liked they used to, and its showing up in the box office receipts. From Kurt Schlichter at

The other night we saw a superhero movie where the protagonist used his awesome powers to save the world from an evil supervillain – okay, it was The Darkest Hour, and the superhero was Churchill. The villain was Hitler, the real Hitler, not the fake Hitlers that are everyone who disagrees with liberals. But you get the point. It was nice to go to a movie for once and not be bored to tears by spandex-clad magic people flying about punching and exploding stuff. Of course, it was also weird because everyone in the theater was alive when Reagan was president, and no one was on their iPhone tweeting – except for me, but I’m special.

Plus, our future ambassador to Germany Ric Grenellwas there – there is zero excuse for a GOP Senate not to immediately confirm a nominee whose idea of a night out is going to see a movie about Winston defying Hitler.

What’s important is that for me and probably the rest of the adults in the audience, this was the first movie in a while that I had actually wanted to go out and drop $60 on (with tickets, refreshments, and that Los Angeles necessity, valet parking). Sure, I saw the latest Star Wars movie where Girl Luke met Hairy Crusty Luke and milked a llama-bird then Discount Han Solo did stuff and there was some weird other girl who went to another space racetrack (weren’t there space jockeys in another of these movies?) and then they had the same battle as they did on the ice planet except on a salt planet and then it ended and I was like, “Okay, well, that took place.”

Now, it’s easy to lament the death of Hollywood, which seems determined to ritually sacrifice itself on the altar of homogenous corporate moviemaking, if not the altars of leftism and perversions. But what are really dying are theatrical movies as we knew them. I like going out to movies, despite the cost and the inconvenience – when the lights go down it’s really something special. But it stops being special when everything that goes up there on the screen is lame.

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