He Said That? 1/8/18

From George R.R. Martin (born 1948), American novelist and short-story writer in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres, screenwriter, and television producer, A Game of Thrones:

Nothing burns like the cold.


2 responses to “He Said That? 1/8/18

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  2. Welcome to another episode of As The World Burns, or ATWB for short ass in selling. This time we will discuss several issues concerning the gobbliest global corporations control issue ass well as the Clean Green tax machine and just for fun perhaps entropy of the entire earth’s energy system, with spin in the universe. The issue is energy, or is it money? However, I Carnot cycle help to think the Mock Market is doing pretty good for reasons you may not imagine, something like a baby sucking on a pacifier while watching the spinning mobile of shinny objects for occupation while swinging genteelly in the multipurpose healthcare car seat with helmet and seat belt on, still most babies have limited mental capacity that most thumb suckers may have little issue until feeding time or in case of a full diaper and only then them cry and scream for attention. Dream on dreamer?
    My Grunt and Gee Had mad man, Immigration policy made simple, GO HOME. It is that simple! How do I hate thee, let me count the ways the US State Department imported cheap labor and welfare recipients, Gee Hadists, refugee and asylum seeker visa a V for vendetta, UN homo generous sapiens with others money, give to the bitch, of course your tax money, pretty much without your knowledge of what was being done to you until you just happened to notice the UN assimilated and Mosqued Q balls en mass at the Social in Security Office of public funded deconstruction of the US, ah? Melting pot US licker correctness of the political racists the xenonphonic sounds odd silence hear another idea export them along with the dummy crates, beauty is not in the eye of the green card Eric Holder. CRATES, give up your money and live the life of the beggar that is virtue “And therefore Crates replied to the man who asked, “What will be in it for me after I become a philosopher?” “You will be able,” he said, “to open your wallet easily and with your hand scoop out and dispense lavishly instead of, as you do now, squirming and hesitating and trembling like those with paralyzed hands. Rather, if the wallet is full, that is how you will view it; and if you see that it is empty, you will not be distressed. And once you have elected to use the money, you will easily be able to do so; and if you have none, you will not yearn for it, but you will live satisfied with what you have, not desiring what you do not have nor displeased with whatever comes your way.” (pee wee wiki) The dummy Crates reversal of fortunes, who is making money from this that steal from the poor and give to the rich, Billary? UN fortune naturally with other people’s money as usual. Proof of the pudding brains, look up refugee resettlement, need I say resentment?
    We will forgo the entropy of the thermodynamic systems in play, need I say fluid fantasy of central banking fictional frictional fractional reserve the public private regulatory and tax agencies of the close energy system with velocity of money which excludes both energy and entropy and free fiat money for all in the mock market(except for you, the utilities you pay for, which are taxed), as well as anything remotely resembling any sort of scientific theory, however unprincipled the system of economics may be foreign to them. So, my question is, how much wood could a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wooden power poles, has well the public private utilities of energy concerns? How about a beaver>Dam beavers> or a couple of guys with chain saws, or maybe a bulldozer at a sub-station? Grid down, electricity is penny cheap to take down. Fact of the matter is if a mylar party balloon can accidently take out a substation and knock out a hundred city block, black out, we in a heap of trouble. Now the next question is, do the public / private power companies, including the municipal power and power cooperatives waste money from their captive customer that are hooked on electricity and pretty much cannot live without electricity waste the money they collect to protect their investments on antiquated power grid that is susceptible terrorism? The short circuit answer is, you bet your ass them do, YES. And then most all of the electricity we use comes from the ancient art of boiling water to make steam to turn the steam engine to drive the electric generator to wooden pole distribution system termed da grid, even most ! of nukes DOD that and nobody has figured out that electricity comes from spinning little electrons in the atoms that make up the theory of everything. For short term storage of electricity we have batteries like the Energizer Bunny runs on, the advancements in solar panels that at best are 22% efficient providing the sun shines, sunshine, or the massive wind farms can do as much as 59% if the wind blows constantly. The challenge to all the really smart people is stop thinking in the dark ages of the ancient art of boiling water and perhaps look at the possible 83% efficiency of consumer fuel cells and other direct energy, possibly chemical conversions and too, decentralize power distribution getting rid of all the copper and aluminum wire grid hung on wooden poles! But then the existing power structure of well paid regulators and politicians would have to look for other revenue stream to continue to fund their fraud!!!!!!! Oh, and then the other protectionisms of copper, aluminum, steel, lumber and logging, transformers and assorted electrical controls more confiscated then need be wood perhaps need less of the before mentioned. If you really wanted green energy, look to trees, not to cut them down but how they work, the term is photosynthesis and various other fluid and technologies contained within actual living things, need I say organic? Billions and billions if not trillions of dollars of green back fraud of wind and solar subsidized and tax to you for what, Inefficiency of a pathetic, antiquated, if not psychotic delusion to maintain the power structure of politicians and corporate criminals public utilities? Years ago sold to you as electricity is penny cheap. The not so evident are the numbers of declining energy consumption, need I say electricity, mostly due removing our manufacturing base, more efficient lighting and even some electric motors, which tend to be in the 90% efficiency range. The fact of the matter is, the real problem is to maintain the status quo for those in the power, biz, they know their time is limited and will fight tooth and nail to maintain their position of authority, need I say regulatory and tax revenue? And them, you could possibly do away with the petro dollar in exchange for electron exchange of hydrogen splitting of water by way the highway in you automobile to fuel cell charged by your abundance of wind mills and solar panels off grid generate hydrogen to fuel fuel cells, not even going to talk about regenerative braking that could also generate electricity from the wheels on the bus go round and found more charge, in this case + and -, and maybe even repulsive force to get them wheels off the ground and the grid to less ground resistance of ground effect, perhaps in the grounded state, which is not part of the Union, or perhaps it is. But, who cares about that stuff anyways?
    Now another point I would like to point out are the other municipal facilities, termed Utilities, Public. They include, but not limited to, water treatment purified to some extent with fluoride and who the hell knows what else, waste water treatment of poop and chemicals and of course tropical fish and other organisms and the trash pile of land fill, mostly packaging from cheap crap made in china. The China Doll, taxed your utilities?
    But, as you may know by now and if not you should, by now know climate change is greed energy for green backs. If you think I meant to say green, nope it was greed, mostly on paper. The green greed for your energy needs, watts by the kilo cost. Forget the power grid that is actually the means of conveying electricity for plug in’s pals to pay, your bite coins, internet to check your mock options and electronic banking once switched off the power in the grid down the scenario. Electrical energy, regardless of how it is produced can be turned off and black out in any given area, you are SOL. Recent examples of this happened during the recent atmospheric events resulted in, not climate change but nowhere to charge you cell phone and ATM underwater and without power don’t work, period. But not to worry it will all be there when the power comes back on, won’t it? Such is the mean green greed machine we call electronic banking, which controls everything. And as for you gold hoarders, at what price do you sell your gold? Then your silver Morgan dollars, is it worth a buck as stated on the coin, or $15? Here is another, how much would you pay for a box of 50 .22 long rifle when demand is high, with shortage??? Supply and demand perhaps dictates the price of mental poverty.
    Not to be alarmed about the issues of people of the lighter persuasion that we may have UN welcome guests, the issue of whom ever may have invited them, that presumably the US state department bought and paid for by certain secretaries of status, by an order of a magnitude greater than actually stated that was perpetrated by his half blackness King B-rack (aka) Berry Stiletto. Further, it would seem the only countries subject to invasion speak English, or some European language. It does not seem the Russians and the Chinese new silk runways neither coupled with the Iranian possibly china influence and that Japan are not accepting the alien invasion forces, I wonder why is that? And I might add the happy faces of the corporate bonus to the troops, just to sell off the stock options at the highest mark, that would be US, I hope it is only happy faces and the end before the new beginning. A less likely possibility is of course it is all a set up to keep faces happy until the new beginning. Another indication of worthless people are those with no pension and on the fixed income +2% SS increase while the new invasion forces are paid by our own at the expense of the before mentioned is another big FU. Then if the Chinese that have been supplying our needful things suddenly open new markets between Asia, all point in between and Western Europe cut our supply of cheap Chinese crap along with our limited manufacturing capabilities and ramp up time to compete in the competitions of worldliness, all the while we have a well use and abused Military, let us just say, boy we in a heap of trouble! Needless to say our neighbors to both the north and the south and even most of south America are not our bestest friends and would just as soon knock US down a few pegs too, or kick us while we are down, just so happens to perfect storm before the gobblest gobble US up with not much more than a whimper. At which point the new world order of the Damn Communist bide US a welcome aboard the Communist ship of fools and commence to rape, burn, pillage, and plunder from sea to shining sea. I hope I am wong. And the wall, that is not there. What should have been done a year ago is the NG training exercises at the border north and south until the wall is built, jus sayin. Here is an example all wrapped up in the theory of everything control demolition except for the few that have a seat at the table of mostly Communist at the United Nations the makers of Climate Change, and off course peace keeping farces that rape and pillage those that need peace. Interestingly, we seemed to have more on friend or should I say fiends at the United Nations under and do mean under the communist O Bomb A, or perhaps H, insane administration then we do currently. Still a little UN sure which side the T man is on, it could all be another Ruse Law Firm, I hope not, yet we have nobody, or very few that would have our back if and when all hell breaks loose.
    All of this is based on the IOU American Dream of TAX, SPEND and Collapse, Boom, Doom and Busted thanks pretty much to our DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC Process or electing all the really smart people smartasses that were the spoiled little children of mischief and mayhem now grown up to adult children of make a buck boardrooms and dirty politicians that created the Federal Reserve and the Income TAX and spend on all the wrong thinks and things. The example is Nuclear Weapons for temper tantrums the final solution of the IOU debt O bomb a.
    So, let US crash in. What I mean and not to be mean but, bottoms up, or starting out fresh, those that can, do, those that can’t, teach and those that can’t do either act, or keep us entertained, all politics aside of course, because it completely unnecessary knowing the base unit is the family is not a democracy and do everything to promote the family by first acknowledging that the future belongs to the children and a good education it the only way and on the way out make the elderly happy Grand Parents and what that means is the LOCAL economy trumps Global because everything we think, say, and do is for as you may have guessed, is for and by PEOPLE! WE don’t do much that ain’t for PEOPLE, ya know? That said people do NOT live globally, they live LOCAL, PERIOD. And what about the people you don’t know and are not from here? Suspicion, perhaps for good reason.
    Meanwhile back at the false fag, Bundy vindicated? Fond memories of Janet Reno, government wacko’s at Waco. Or, how to destroy the family and the Church with tanks and incendiaries (we pe, list as follow false flags) not the first of covenant of government gun confiscation by force.
    • Raid (February 28): 75 federal agents (ATF and FBI); 3 helicopters manned by 10 Texas National Guard counter-drug personnel as distraction during the raid and filming.[86][95] Ballistic protection equipment, fire retardant clothing, regular flashlights, regular cameras (i.e. flash photography), pump-action shotguns and flashbang grenades,[96] 9 mm handguns, 9 mm MP5 submachine guns, .223 AR-15 rifles, a .308 bolt-action sniper rifle.[97]
    • Siege (March 1 through April 18): Hundreds of federal agents; 2 Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters.[98]
    • Assault (April 19): Hundreds of federal agents; military vehicles (with their normal weapon systems removed): 9–10 M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 4–5 M728 Combat Engineering Vehicles (CEVs) armed with CS gas, 2 M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks, 1 M88 tank retriever.[95][98]
    • Support:[95] 1 Britten-Norman Defender surveillance aircraft;[99] a number of Texas National Guard personnel for maintenance of military vehicles and training on the use of the vehicles and their support vehicles (Humvees and flatbed trucks); surveillance from Texas National Guard counter-drug UC-26 surveillance aircraft and from Alabama National Guard; 10 active-duty U.S. Army Special Forces (Delta Force) soldiers as observers and trainers (also present during assault); 2 senior U.S. Army officers as advisers, 2 members of the British Army’s 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment as observers;[100] 50+ men in total.[101]
    Regardless if David, (purported lamb of god) was a wacko or not, this incidence had major implication, that few noticed, two things, family and Church, such as the first amendment freedom of religion and of course the definition of the word family, not so much like Chucky Manson, family. Secondly, the second amendment, right to keep and bare arms for the security of a free state, and or compound which it proves is not free by Army and armament of government. Pun certainly intended, the force brought down on the compound, (Church) was a bit of overkill. Because that is what government does! What the Bundy decision is, is government is not to be trusted? CYA to the CIA and branch davidians, of perhaps divisions of government trust busted. And the very sane Reno dispatch 130 heavily armed government thugs to arrest an 11 year old boy so them could deport him back to Cuba to become a good little communist. Need I remind you, the Billy Clinton hag in tow Reno started the war on US and many thanks for IRS foundation of charitable criminals POT US, which also ushered in the United Nations of Climate Change Rio 1992. Billy, Billy and Billy
    Skip a couple of bushwhacker moments of reflections, Read My Lying Lips, no new taxes and or, mission accomplished, we found the weapons of mass ass destruction in Washington DC and them were not even hidden, war more on! Consider that a well deserved lunch break in time… and space of continuation of communist intervention of democratic fraud that benefits the PUBS .\/\/.!
    Fast forward to the insane one B-Rack O bomb US with divisions of his highness half blackness socialist in just US constitutional law firmly plant the seeds of our discontent, which is the Climate Change of Communist in the global community of, of course communists, criminal, malcontents, and miscreants need I say government in general and psychosis of other people’s money politicians in particular, property and energy concerns, read power to control the theory of everything worldly possessed.
    The false Flag, may be valid concern, especially when it seems today if one were to stand up and scream foul, tomorrows headline would read, insane screamer shot by cop. No further detail as it is under investigation. Update, when the last of JFK documents are released showing the bullet hole from the outside of the windshield in another 50 years after everyone which is how now brown cow forgot and didn’t bother to ask who was JFK and don’t care as long as the welfare check keep coming in. I volunteer to be the screamer when there are 10 to 15 thousand like mined screamer in each and every state of confusion. False Flag it is NOT!
    PS=bs Publicservice


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