A Rare Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of the American Empire in the Middle East, by Edward Hunt

Straight from the mouths of Deep Staters, here’s what US Middle Eastern policy is all about. From Edward Hunt at antiwar.com:

The U.S. foreign policy elite still wants the Middle East for its oil and its strategic location

In recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, four former US diplomats provided remarkably candid commentary on recent US involvement in the Middle East, revealing a number of the most closely guarded secrets of US diplomacy.

The four former diplomats emphasized the importance of the region’s oil, spoke critically about the weaknesses of US strategy, made a number of crude comments about US partners, displayed little concern about ongoing violence, and called for more “discipline” throughout the region.

One of the former diplomats, James Jeffrey, criticized the Obama administration for withdrawing US forces from Iraq in 2011 rather than going through with a secret deal to maintain a secret network of military bases in the country. Even today, Jeffrey said, officials in Washington must not “melt down” and retrench when US forces get killed. Officials must accept that there could always be “new Benghazis and new Nigers,” he said, referring to incidents in which US agents have been killed.

The four former diplomats also lambasted US partners in the region. They criticized many of their closest allies for poor governance, a lack of democracy, and an inability to coordinate on shared strategic objectives.

Jeffrey made some of the strongest criticisms, charging Kurdish leaders in Iraqi Kurdistan with making their region into “another basket case” in the Middle East. He also complained that US officials had to deal “with a lot of bitching” from the Turkish government over US support for the Kurdish fighters confronting the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) in Syria.

In addition to Jeffrey, who once held high-level positions in the George W. Bush administration, the group of former diplomats included Ryan Crocker, Eric Edelman, and Stuart Jones. Crocker has been the US ambassador to six different countries in the Middle East. Edelman and Jones, who have both been diplomats in the Middle East, have held senior positions in numerous administrations.

Over the past few decades, all four men have played significant roles in crafting and implementing US policies in the region. They were “giants” who had “walked the earth,” according to Edelman.

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One response to “A Rare Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of the American Empire in the Middle East, by Edward Hunt

  1. Quoting state department cockroaches is akin to quoting Buba Clinton on the virtues of virginity. What next quouting Simon Henshaw on the vetting of refugees?


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