#NotMeToo: Clinton Ignored Staffers’ Sexual Harassment Allegations During 2008 Campaign, by Tyler Durden

Anyone who thought Hillary Clinton took credible allegations of sexual predation seriously must have slept through her husband’s two terms as president. No surprise that in 2008 she swept allegations against one of her campaign advisors under the rug. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The #MeToo movement is finally coming for Hillary Clinton, who has for years been dogged by accusations that she helped intimidate women accusing her husband of certain improprieties.

In a bombshell report, the New York Times reported that a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton was kept on her 2008 campaign despite allegations that he sexually harassed a young female staffer. Clinton’s campaign manager at the time advised the campaign to fire the adviser, Burns Strider, who served as the faith adviser to the campaign, and reportedly sent Clinton Bible verses every day.

Instead, Clinton intervened: Strider was kept on, but he was docked several weeks’ pay and underwent counseling. Notably, Strider was a founder of the American Values Network.

Five years later, Strider was hired by Clinton associates to lead Correct the Record, a group that supported Clinton’s candidacy. He was fired a few months later following allegations that he harassed a female staffer there.

A Clinton spokesman provided a statement from Utrecht, Kleinfeld, Fiori, Partners, the law firm that had represented the 2008 campaign.

“To ensure a safe working environment, the campaign had a process to address complaints of misconduct or harassment. When matters arose, they were reviewed in accordance with these policies, and appropriate action was taken, the statement said. “This complaint was no exception.”

The Times based its account on interviews with no fewer than eight former Clinton staffers.

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4 responses to “#NotMeToo: Clinton Ignored Staffers’ Sexual Harassment Allegations During 2008 Campaign, by Tyler Durden

  1. As these instances of sexual “predations” continue to surface (I notice this morning that Republican operative, Steve Wynn, is the latest) I cannot help but believe that this slow “dribble” of disclosures by sources unknown may be the product of “purpose.”
    I cannot escape the knowledge that the NSA now has access to all electronic communications made by anyone and everyone. Therefore, their only decision is toward who they might wish to direct their attention and focus.
    If so, then the potential “blackmailing” of any action ANY politician might wish to be undertaken by anyone whose “communications” might tend to be embarrassing or incriminating – should they be brought (leaked) to light, is, in such an environment, a very real possibility.
    My most immediate question: Will the looming “report” on Trump/Russia collusion; Clinton/Obama connection; Intelligence/Justice/FBI threat, be disclosed? Will the evidence on which it is based be included? Will Trump himself offer a “deal” to block its release in exchange for………..,?
    I actually HATE what has become of my thinking! I have now become what I abhor!


    • Dave,

      You’ve hardly become what you abhor.

      I find, when I post my more conspiratorial articles on Galt’s Gulch, that I generally get little response. The feeling, I think, is that they want to stay on the higher planes of philosophy, particularly political philosophy, and not pay attention to the corruption rampant in the current system. Ayn Rand certainly had no idea how corrupt are government was, even in the 1970s, or she never would have applauded when her then friend Alan Greenspan went to Washington as Gerald Ford’s chairman of the Council of Economic advisors.

      Yet, corruption in government, business, academia, and the media is reality, and reality always and everywhere must be addressed. You, unlike so many of our philosophical persuasion, are dealing with reality. That hardly makes you a part of that reality, which you abhor. It means you’re recognizing reality, as a prelude, perhaps, to being able to do something about it. Corruption must be acknowledge and exposed before it can be fought.

      Sixty-one years after the publication of Atlas Shrugged, the intellectual revolution Ayn Rand hoped for hasn’t come, and the US is inarguably more corrupt now than it was then. We’re that much closer to the future of which she warned. That can be blamed on intellectual failure, but it can also be blamed on the preference of so many who have embraced Rand to “stay above” the actual and grubby details of life around them. I do not think you should chastise yourself for grasping reality, or for speculating on the ugly unseen realities behind the realities you can grasp. The US needs many more like you.


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