‘Descent Into Hell’: China Warns of Potential War With US Over Taiwan, by James Holbrooks

China is making unfriendly noises about US overtures to Taiwan. From James Holbrooks at theantimedia.org:

It’s no secret that for Beijing, the most sensitive issue within Sino-American relations is that of Taiwan, the semi-autonomous island territory that China considers to be a breakaway province. Now, a political move made by the U.S. on Taiwan has Beijing warning of the possibility of military action.

Back in January, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Taiwan Travel Act, a bill aiming to significantly strengthen ties between U.S. officials and their Taiwanese counterparts. The bill reached the Senate floor on Wednesday, where it also passed without opposition. Now, all that’s required for the legislation to become law is Donald Trump’s signature.

Taiwan welcomed the bill’s passage. Speaking to reporters in the capital of Taipei, Premier William Lai said the U.S. is a “solid ally” of Taiwan and that the two sides’ ties can now become even stronger.

“We wholeheartedly anticipate that this law can in the future further raise the substantive relationship between Taiwan and the United States,” Lai said.

Unsurprisingly, China had an altogether different reaction — one that included a warning to its neighbor and a hint at military confrontation if things continue to progress in this manner.

“We are firmly against the act,” China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson An Fengshan as saying. “We sternly warn Taiwan not to rely on foreigners to build you up, or it will only draw fire against yourself.”

The U.S. cut formal ties to Taiwan when it recognized Beijing as the Chinese capital in 1979. This event marked official acceptance of the “one China” policy, which regards Taiwan as a Chinese territory.

But Beijing has grown increasingly concerned over what it views as Taipei’s push toward independence since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016. This push, if it continues, would lead to the inevitable consequence of triggering the Anti-Secession Law that allows Beijing to use force to prevent the island from seceding,” China’s state-run Global Times wrote Thursday.

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One response to “‘Descent Into Hell’: China Warns of Potential War With US Over Taiwan, by James Holbrooks

  1. The US never recognized a one nation policy as has been asserted in this article. If it had why maintain a de facto embassy in Taiwan?

    The PRC is shaking its saber again, its time it got its nose punched in. The US has a habbit of rolling over on its back since Reagan left office. Time for it to show it has fangs much larger than our enemies and make no mistake about it, the PRC is our greatest threat.

    Time to man up and sell Taiwan nuclear weapons if Beijing doesn’t reign in the Norks.

    By the way the pantywaists whose articles you often feature here should try and write some plausible articles in light of the massive Chinese and Russian buildups over the past 8 years.


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