Unrolled thread from @_VachelLindsay_ #MAGA

Vachel Lindsay lays out what he sees as Trump’s genius and his  long game. Time will tell.

1. Time for a pep talk. As well as some observations on strategic genius, #MAGA and trusting Trump.

2. I’ve spent the last 24-48 hours going over my notes, threads and research on how Trump operates.

Why? To get out of the weeds.

 3. Weeds? Yes. Too many of us have been caught up in the endless, daily cycle of events surrounding Trump, that we have lost sight of the bigger picture. Which is a measure of Trump’s success, not failure.

More on that in a minute.

 4. Having a break from twitter is great. It helps me focus on fundamentals. Back to basics. What’s one thing we have learned about how Trump operates? He thinks like a General. His objective is VICTORY.
5. Reminder : His major influences are his mother & father, Patton, Machiavelli & Sun Tzu. Among others. We aren’t talking about an ordinary human being. Trump is an extraordinary man.
6. Always remember : Trump plans around milestones. Keep that in mind. In his political life, it’s also been about timing – deciding the correct cycle to target for his run as POTUS, then laying separate plans for victory – as the GOP nominee, then as POTUS.
7. Be in no doubt: Trump is a genuine patriot, who for 30+ years has been seeing the corruption of America and warning of its decadence and weakness. He understands #MAGA and that he’s a messenger of a larger restoration.

None of that, or the above, has changed.

8. Everything we are seeing is consistent with messages he’s been sending out since the 1980s, as well as his extensive preparation and planning for the Presidency. Sun Tzu: ‘the general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.’

9. So what’s his next major milestone? The mid-term elections in November.

These are extremely important for Trump, as his objective will be twofold : creating a #MAGA supermajority for his GOP & destroying his enemies.

10. The takeaway? While we get caught in the weeds, Trump targets strategic milestones, with carefully calibrated and detailed planning. His inner circle would be given access to some of his planning, but not all. Only he would know the full picture.
11. And what else do we know about Trump? That he knows himself. But critically, he knows his enemies.
And they DON’T know him, because he’s a true master of strategic deception.



3 responses to “Unrolled thread from @_VachelLindsay_ #MAGA

  1. Thanks for posting this… we have been thinking along these lines, but it is hard to “get out of the weeds”. Your articles and posts are appreciated!


  2. I too appreciate such an article!

    Other than my concurrence with its theme (within context!), I will only point out that Trump seems to be, in a fundamental sense, Rand’s Gail Wynand, lacking only in Wynand’s awareness.

    He (Trump) believes he is smarter than the rest – and in a sense he probably is. He believes his “pragmatism” will carry the day. My outlook therefore, is much like Reagan, he may “buy us some time.” if, of course, on his “watch” the economic inevitable does mot become the immanent.


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