Morgan Stanley: “Soaring Libor Is The Story Of The Year, Not The Fed”, by Tyler Durden

Market interest rates lead, not follow, central banks. Right now, rising Libor rates are a concern. They could be signalling increased demand among banks for short-term funding, a shortage of dollars to lend, concerns about bank counterparty creditworthiness, or some combination of the above. From Tyler Durden at

We’ve been saying it for over a month: the most important, if widely underappreciated, factor for risk assets has been the surge in Libor and the blow out in the Libor-OIS spread, or short-term funding costs, which impacts everything from bank lending costs to the marginal cost of trillions in floating rate debt.

Yesterday, Citi’s Matt King confirmed as much in a lengthy note explaining why the blowing out Libor, and Libor-OIS spread, are sending increasingly ominous signals:

LIBOR is still the reference point for the majority of leveraged loans, interest-rate swaps and some mortgages. In addition to that direct effect, higher money market rates and weakness in risk assets are the two conditions most likely to contribute towards mutual fund outflows. If those in turn created a further sell-off in markets, the negative impact on the economy through wealth effects could be greater even than the direct effect from interest rates.

Now, another bank has joined the growing chorus of warnings over the soaring Libor and Libor-OIS.

Jonathan Garner, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Strategist for Asia and Emerging Markets , told Bloomberg that the rising Libor rates is a bigger concern right now than a more hawkish Federal Reserve, and in fact, is “the story of the year.”

As we have documented nearly daily, most recently yesterday, Libor has been rising since Feb. 7 for 31 consecutive sessions, reaching 2.2711% this morning, the highest since 2008. Meanwhile, its gap over risk-free rates, known as the Libor-OIS spread, has more than doubled since the end of January to 55.6 basis points, a level unseen since 2009.

“That’s a key reason why markets have struggled. The acceleration in the private borrowing market is the story of the year, not the Fed,” Garner told BloombergQuint in an interview.

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One response to “Morgan Stanley: “Soaring Libor Is The Story Of The Year, Not The Fed”, by Tyler Durden

  1. You cannot run an economy on borrowing and taxing, that’s the story.


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