What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About? by Joe Jarvis

It’s no wonder that many kids come out of college dumber than when they went in. Look at the way language is bent to the breaking point. From Joe Jarvis at thedailybell.com:

Maybe I’m the dumb one for not understanding what this lecture was supposed to be about. The description on the University of Texas at Austin’s website says:

In the wake of renewed attacks on Muslim and Muslim-adjacent communities, the hijab and turban continue to be enveloped as important material objects in the racialization of Muslim and Sikh bodies.

Okay, so far I think I understand. The sight of turbans and hijabs triggers racists (religionists?).

Analyzing contemporary visual culture as both testament and counter-archive to a geopolitical project of Islamophobia, “Sacred Wear, Endless War” moves to both assemble and update how we apprehend these unsettling figures.

Not sure what visual culture is, but I could certainly make something up that would likely be pretty accurate. That’s basically how I did so well earning my sociology degree in college way back in 2011. But I never did get around to taking a gender studies class.

Never-the-less, I think I can tap into my inner intelligentsia to interpret this. The professor wants to take stock of how people use visual cues to fuel their Islamaphobia. And apparently what she has found has unsettled her.

Comparative in scope, this talk looks at the racial, gendered, and queer configurations that the religious symbols and objects of hijab and turban provide.

Aaaand they lost me. What the hell is a racial, gendered, and queer configuration have to do with turbans and hijabs? Perhaps I would know if I went to the talk–or could find it on youtube. But I suspect that the lecture consisted of similar lunacy masked by an intelligent sounding–but incomprehensible–mashup of words.

It costs $35,000 a year for out of state students to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

I’m sure some people go there and devote themselves to engineering or pre-med.

But why on earth would you waste that kind of money on this garbage? Where does that get you? Does analyzing queer turbans pay well these days? Can understanding the gendered configuration of the hijab provide value to someone?

Look, if this professor wants to give a talk about how some people respond to visual cues like turbans and hijabs, fine. But why can’t she just say that in plain English? Does speaking in academic code add value, or is it a way of signaling intelligence, whether or not she actually has any?

This is how the intelligentsia operates when what they have to say is really not compelling, novel, or insightful. Often they have nothing to add but need to stay relevant, and this is what you get.

You also get outlandish theories that seem intended to shock rather than add a useful perspective to a conversation.

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One response to “What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About? by Joe Jarvis

  1. Apparently, down in Texas, they believe in the maxim: “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.”
    This is all about bullshit, dressed up with faux intellectual double speak.
    But, it’s still bullshit, just like the liberal agenda itself.


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