The Harder the Winds of War Blow, the More they Suck, by Tom Luongo

Trump and company may be trying to walk back a Syrian war. Then again, they might not. Never underestimate the US capacity for disastrous wars. From Tom Luongo at

In Vietnam, the wind doesn’t blow… it sucks.

— Tag Line for Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”

When I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought the Neocons were making the full-court press for war I thought President Trump was a reluctant player in the game.

Part of me still believes that.

Part of me also believes that Trump, like everyone else, is a slave to his passions and is easily manipulated into terrible decisions.  Case in point was last year’s bombing of the Al Shairat airbase in Syria after a similar false flag chemical weapons attack at Khan Sheikoun.

Will he fall victim to them again this year?  According to him, we’ll know soon.  Meanwhile a carrier group has been dispatched to the Eastern Mediterranean.  Chinese missile frigates are there supporting Russian vessels and the destroyer U.S.S. Donald Cook is now just off the coats of the Russian base at Tartus.

The circumstances are exactly the same as last year.  The pro-Assad coalition is winning, having made short work of the ‘rebels’ in Eastern Ghouta.  And now we are to believe they are so stupid as to gas women and children after Trump’s big light show last year?

New Russian sanctions were unveiled on Friday.  A new alleged chlorine attack on Saturday.  The Israelis lobbing missiles on Sunday.  Russian markets melt down on Monday before Special Counsel Robert Mueller orders an FBI raid of Trump’s lawyer, Steven Cohen.

This isn’t just a full-court press for war.  It is the push for a Faustian bargain with the most evil people on the planet.

The political establishment across the West is reminding us all the price of opposition to perpetual war for perpetual serfdom.  The people of Russia spoke loudly three weeks ago.

Defy the West however you have to Mr. Putin.  It’s obvious Mr. Trump isn’t up to the job.

These Neoconservative power-mongers are asking you to accept universal serfdom at their hands or World War III with Russia.  You can live as slaves in a pan-global oligarchy of overlapping corporate and bureaucratic interests or you can be nuked.

It’s your choice.  You have 24 to 48 hours to decide.

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One response to “The Harder the Winds of War Blow, the More they Suck, by Tom Luongo

  1. What a simplistic view of any attack in Syria. Could their not be other motives related to other powers in other arenas? Trump is playing 3D chess and the “experts” are playing checkers-badly.

    Heard the same kind of nonsense when Reagan pounded Libya in the 80s.


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