Doug Casey on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

Will North Korea dismantle its nuclear program? Will the US pull its troops out of South Korea? The two answers are interrelated. From Doug Casey at

Justin’s note: An “Era of Peace” has begun.

That’s the news coming out of the Korean Peninsula. Two weeks ago, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in held a historic peace talk at the North Korea–South Korea border.

It was the first such meeting in 11 years. And many people think it will bring an end to their longtime standoff.

I recently called Doug Casey to figure out what this means for the region and the rest of the world…

Justin: Doug, what do you make of all this?

Doug: Well, it’s most unusual. Since the armistice in 1953, these two countries have been very bellicose. Trump nearly pushed them to the brink of war. Now, the two sides’ governments are lovey-dovey. North Korea and South Korea are friends again.

It’s hard to know what to believe. Frankly, nobody knows. Probably least of all the braindead and self-serving US “intelligence community,” which has missed absolutely every major development since the end of WW2. All anybody knows is what the media’s saying. And that’s unreliable. Reporters mostly parrot government press releases. Most of what gets repeated is conjecture and speculation.

One meme floating around is that the US employed a new super weapon, dubbed the “Rod from God.” It’s basically a tungsten rod, a foot in diameter and 20 feet long, dropped from orbit. It only uses kinetic energy, so there’s no radioactive fallout, but it’s as devastating as a small nuclear explosion. They say it took out the North’s nuclear capability, and scared them to the negotiating table. An interesting possibility, but I doubt it.

There’s absolutely no way to tell what’s really happening. It’s shrouded in guesswork and secrecy.


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One response to “Doug Casey on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

  1. Doug Casey lost me when he talked about the meme going around. Don’t subscribe to him because of this. He’s a one trick pony that’s been exposed. Snake oil salesman. Slick with no guts to him.


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