Doug Casey on the Future of War

Most of the warfare of the future will probably be counterinsurgency against irrregular guerrilla forces, fought by special operations forces. From Doug Casey at

Justin note: Something’s stuck with me since the last time I spoke with Doug Casey.

Earlier this month, we discussed the new “era of peace” in the Korean Peninsula. Doug talked about a meme floating around the internet saying that the US could employ a new super weapon dubbed the “Rod from God.”

While this weapon probably won’t be deployed anytime soon… it got me thinking about the future of war.

Specifically, how they’ll be fought and how they’ll be different from past wars.

I called up Doug for more on this idea…

Justin: Doug, how will wars of the future be fought differently than today?

Doug: Well, war’s evolving in several ways. For starters, we won’t see as many nation states fighting each other. There will, instead, be more conflict between nation states and non-state entities like so-called terrorist organizations.

Over the last 30 or so years terrorism has become a buzzword, supposedly one of the greatest evils of our era. But “terrorism” is simply a method of warfare. So you can’t fight terrorism. It’s like saying you can fight artillery barrages, cavalry charges or frontal assaults. Terrorism isn’t a thing, it’s a tactic.

There are about 100 separate definitions of terrorism. I’m not sure any two US Government agencies can even agree on one. It’s a little like trying to define pornography using the standard of the rather confused Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who said “I know it when I see it.”

Terrorism is essentially psychological warfare, intended to sway the minds of the enemy. As such, it’s much cheaper, much less destructive, and potentially much more effective than conventional warfare. As Napoleon said, in war the moral is to the physical as three is to one.

I should also mention Sun Tzu in this light. He’s become very fashionable in recent years. This isn’t the time to discuss his views on warfare, but there’s no question he would have been a huge advocate of terror as a method.

I did a couple of pieces on terror, in previous Conversations With Casey and Totally Incorrect, Vol.1.

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One response to “Doug Casey on the Future of War

  1. Really? Do you truly believe a conflict between Pakistan and India will be conducted by irregulars? Or a war in the Middle East involving Israel will not rely on artillery, tanks and aircraft but rather IEDs and bobby traps?

    Wars have always been unpredictable and our experts are nearly all ways wrong. We were told in the 70s that tanks were obsolete. In the early 60’s the wizz kids wanted large fighters that could do “anything.” Hence the F4 Phantom without guns. We have always been told the carrier is a dinosaur but we are witnessing a rebirth throughout the world.

    What we can count on is for our enemies to conduct wars on their terms if we are dumb enough to allow them to dictate terms. And the US leadership class has been very, very retarded in this respect since the end of WW2.


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